I hurt my back playing tennis what happened – Roger Federer

You know when it happens. You’re serving and you feel something .. .a twinge, a pull or goodness help you, a pop. Something has happened with your back and you’re not quite sure what has happened.

Tennis is a very safe sport, but most of the injuries are soft tissue ones. Very few broken bones occur in tennis when compared to other sports, but soft tissue injuries happen with regularity. The back is a prime location for the injuries to happen due to the stress placed on it while serving.

Federer knows about injury and experienced one in the round of 16 during Wimbeldon 2012. As he said:

Treat pulled adductor muscle strain – CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia isn’t known for his physical conditioning. His official weight is listed at 290 pounds, but he probably tips the scales higher than that. He is now on the disabled list due to a adductor muscle strain.

What is the adductor muscle

The adductor muscle is a set of muscles in your inner thigh that control your ability to squeeze your legs together. They’re involved in your hip movement, too. Part of the muscle group reaches down into your knee.

How do you hurt your adductor muscle

Commonly you pull your adductor by over stretching your legs. You can also put considerable strain on them if you push off against a great weight or force while beginning to move. The pain is felt in the groin region and sometimes extends into the upper hips during twists and motion.

Firework injury videos horrible

Seriously, these are some horrible videos of the effects suffered by fireworks injuries.

Improperly handled fireworks are very dangerous. On this Fourth of July, please take care.

Bottle Rocket in the Pants Injury

Fireworks in the testicles injury

Burns due to fireworks injury

Head injury due to fireworks

Fireworks cause a hand injury

Why is Gareth Bale skipping the Olympics

As an American I’m not too familiar with the ins and outs of the Premiere Soccer league. See, what I did. I used soccer instead of football.

Very frustrating for non-Americans, I assume.

Gareth Bale is a Welsh soccer player who has had an interesting career. One of the funnier things is on his weakness section of ESPN:

Looks so unschooled in the arts of defending that he now plays predominantly as a left winger.


Gareth Ball Pulling Out

Why is Gareth Bale skipping the Olympics photoBeing Welsh, his desire to play on the England team for the Olympics caused some controversy.  Well, no one has to worry about that anymore. Bale has pulled out of the Olympics due to a back injury suffered while training.

Did Chris Bosh make the right decision on Olympics

Chris Bosh has chosen to skip the Olympics due to the lingering effects of his abdominal issue during the NBA playoffs. The playoff run took everything out of him and he delivered when it counted.

Chris said the following about the run:

 … that was everything to me. It was just erasing all those memories, getting that bad taste out of my mouth. I live with that every time I walk down the hall. I forgot cameras were there last year, but whatever.

But I think it was good for me in the long run because I could watch every single day what we had to go through and what I had to go through. So any time that I was thinking about just taking a play off or taking some time off or not working that day, doing the easy thing, I thought about that moment.