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How do you fix shoulder bursitis Mat Latos?

mat latos shoulderMat Latos, besides having a pretty cool first name, is a hot new pitcher in the major leagues. He’s part of a Padres team that is planning to contend in 2011.

His third season in the big leagues should be his breakout year. With a solid off-season and rocky spring, the hope was Mat could be someone who contributed on a high level right away.

Unfortunately, he’s been diagnosed with shoulder shoulder bursitis. This is a tought thing for pitchers when they get a shoulder injury.

What is shoulder bursitis? The first thing you need to understand is bursitis. It is when the small bursa sacs become inflamed. What are bursa sacs? They are kind of cool. Think of them as the shock absorbers for your joints. Anytime muscles slide across a bone they are lubricated by the bursa sacs. When the sacs become inflamed you get bursitis.

What happens when a separated shoulder won’t heal Rudy Gay

rudy gay signRudy Gay is one of the NBA’s unsung heroes. He goes out day after day to work hard and being a professional basketball player. He’s strung together a pretty decent career and managed to stay injury free until now.

Today was a bad day for him as he’ll need surgery to repair a separated shoulder. He injured the shoulder back on February 15, 2011 and was told to sit, rest and wait for the healing to begin. It never healed. Dr. James Andrews was consulted and the recommendation was surgery.

All this is odd considering the injury happened on a shot and not during a traumatic event like a fall. The NBA doesn’t allow embedding of the video, but you can watch it by clicking on the link.

How to treat shoulder inflammation – Johnny Cueto

shoulder inflammationJohnny Cueto, otherwise known as Killer Cueto, is going to miss a few starts at the beginning of the 2011 MLB baseball season due to shoulder inflammation.

Killer Cueto was last in the news for his high flying kicking style during a fight in St. Louis.

His pain started with the biceps and forearm then radiated into the shoulder. There is nothing wrong mechanically with his shoulder and Walt Jocketty says:

The only thing they found is mild inflammation in his shoulder. The recommendation of Dr. Kremchek is to shut him down until it subsides, then get him back on a throwing program.

How to treat a shoulder sprain Andray Blatche?

Andray Blatche Shoulder Strain PhotoAndray Blatche plays basketball for the Washington Wizards. He’s having an ok season statistically, but he’s suffering from a strained shoulder. He did this in a game versus the Milwaukee Bucks.

Shoulder injuries are not that common in the NBA, but Andray’s occurred as he fell to the floor during a double team. His arm became caught and then his shoulder crumpled.

What is a shoulder sprain? A shoulder sprain occurs when any of the ligaments or tendons of the shoulder become damaged. The shoulder is a very flexible, though delicate joint that provides movement for the arm.

What causes a shoulder sprain? Shoulder sprains are due to trauma or inflexibility, but most issues occur when a fall occurs as in this case.