Interview with Philippi Sports Nutrition

interview-with-philippi-sports-nutrition-photoI have long wondered how performance supplements are designed and how they can prevent injuries. Philippi Sports Nutrition recently released stimulant free supplements, so it seemed a good time to ask a few questions.

Our questions are listed below with Philippi Sports’ answers as they were sent.

1) What is the history of Philippi Sports Nutrition?

After years of competing and training collegiate and professional athletes, legendary strongman Mark Philippi wanted to design supplements that are both safe and effective with substantial amounts of ingredients that are clinically proven to increase strength, endurance and energy. The catch? The products had to boost performance without the use of any central nervous system stimulants that are now very common in sports nutrition supplements.

DermaTherapy – Interview with Precision Fabrics

DermaTherapy-Interview-with-Precision-Fabrics-PhotoWere you aware the fabric you sleep on can help improve your health? Neither did I, until I read about DermaTherapy from PrecisionFabrics.

DermaTherapy can help with skin conditions and night sweats according to their website. The night sweats are what caught my attention in a press release from the company. They stated:

During a workout, the body can typically get as warm as 105 degrees, causing the body to trigger its sweat mechanism to dissipate the excess heat. For serious exercisers, especially those who work out at the end of the day, the sweating can persist until well after bedtime.

I had never considered this aspect of night sweats, but it makes sense.

CrossCore – Interview with Brendan Cosso

I’ve long believed that preventing sports injuries starts with working out on a regular basis with a focus on resistance training. With no medical studies to back me up, I do like it when I learn of equipment such as the CrossCore War Machine.

CrossCore is a company focused on high quality machines designed to help you achieve your goals. They use a number of terms, specifically body weight training and 3D body weight training, that I was unfamiliar with. I emailed the company and Brendan Cosso, President of CrossCore, Inc. responded.

Our questions are listed below with Brendan’s answers as they were sent.

1) What is 3D bodyweight training and why is it important?

Chill Towels – Interview with Allan H. Wimer

chill towels interview photoWhen I first read about Chill Towels I have to admit I was skeptical. When you hear a tagline such as, “It’s like air conditioning in a bag” I think you need to put on the curious hat. The more I read about the success they were having in the cooling arena I became more convinced they have a solid product.

I wanted to learn more about the product, what is behind it and what people think about it. To do this, I sent a list of questions to Allan H. Wimer, the Chairman, CEO and Founder of Chill International. What follows are the questions posed and the answers straight from Allan.

1) How does the CHILL Cooling Towel work?