Why is Gareth Bale skipping the Olympics

As an American I’m not too familiar with the ins and outs of the Premiere Soccer league. See, what I did. I used soccer instead of football.

Very frustrating for non-Americans, I assume.

Gareth Bale is a Welsh soccer player who has had an interesting career. One of the funnier things is on his weakness section of ESPN:

Looks so unschooled in the arts of defending that he now plays predominantly as a left winger.


Gareth Ball Pulling Out

Why is Gareth Bale skipping the Olympics photoBeing Welsh, his desire to play on the England team for the Olympics caused some controversy.  Well, no one has to worry about that anymore. Bale has pulled out of the Olympics due to a back injury suffered while training.

How to fix stupid El Hadji Diouf

Most of the time people pay no attention to professional athletes when it comes to politics. There are times, however, when a professional athlete interjects himself into the discussion. Such is the case with El Hadji Diouf.

He just happens to be a African player of the year and current striker for the Rangers. What he says is listened to and let me tell you, he said something of a whopper.

how to fix stupid el hadji diouf photo

As we all know, NATO forces are enforcing a no fly zone in Libya in an effort to protect Libyans from their leader, Gaddafi. El Hadji Diouf thinks this is an awesome time to let everyone know how much he admires the Libyan leader.

As he told the publication Le Buteur:

How to quit swearing in sports Wayne Rooney

wayne rooney swearing photoWayne Rooney is arguably the most famous soccer player we Americans know about. He’s a man that plays and lives hard having been linked to prostitution use and a problem with swearing. It turns out his swearing has gotten him in hot water.

Swearing by professional athletes seems to be a skill learned while coming up through the ranks, but seldom appreciated by most fans. It happens in football, baseball, hockey and even the olympics.

Wayne’s swearing had definite reprecussions as he’s now been suspended and dropped by Coca Cola as spokesperson for their Coke Zero drink. Coke did wish him well, though:

We mutually agreed that we would not renew our relationship. We wish Wayne well in his career.

Yeah, false platitudes.

How to prevent chronic ankle injuries Louis Saha

chronic ankle injuries louis sahaLouis Saha is a world class soccer player, but he has a chronic injury problem. His career has been one of ups and downs due to injuries.

He is a prolific goal scorer who has been paired in the past with Wayne Rooney. Louis’ ability to find and exploit open space relies on tip top conditioning, but he seems to be injured so much it is a concern.

This time the injury is with his ankle. He hurt it in a match against Fulham. The ankle injury was so bad he has to be stretchered off the field. In an interview with a paper he said:

I’m getting fed up because the injuries always happen when I am trying to start something. It’s hard, but when I see what is happening in Japan, I do not want to complain.

How long does it take to recover from a hamstring pull Cesc Fabregas

cesc fabregas hamstringCesc Fabregas is a forward for Arsenal and suffered a nasty hamstring pull in the Champions League against Barcelona on March 8. Cesc has a history of hamstring injuries, but according to a livestream he held, he thinks he’ll be back stronger than ever.

It’s been a weird season for me with injuries and I just want to make it right, and I want to come back stronger than ever and fitter than ever so that it won’t happen again. Hopefully you will see me against Blackburn if I’m fit.

His confidence isn’t well placed, though. Among the many sports injuries, the hamstring is one that can cause continuous issues if you don’t perform the proper rehab. His 25 day time off might be enough to overcome a lower severity hamstring issue, but not enough for a major one.

How to treat a groin strain – Steven Gerrard

Can there be a more personal injury to a male professional athlete than a groin strain? Possibly, but it hits so close to home. Liverpool soccer player Steven Gerrard is out in his next friendly match against Germany. While the topic says soccer, for those across the pond and the rest of the world, the sport is known as football. Steven Gerrard hurt his groin in a game against Bolton, so he’ll be unable to play for the national team.

The first thing we need to do is define the groin. Most folks think the groin has to do with the reproductive area of a male and they’d be close. Think about where your legs meet your torso and you got a groin. When you strain a “groin” it is something located in this general area. For Gerrard, he strained his adductor magnus, which is a huge muscle connecting your pelvis to your thigh.

How to treat a broken tibia and broken fibula – Kieron Dyer

broken-tibia-fibula-photoBefore we start talking about the broken tibia and fibula of Kieron Dyer, let’s take a moment and look at a photo of the injury.

Ouch. Check out how his leg is beginning to buckle. I cringe just looking at it.

Anyway, x-rays confirmed he’s broken his tibia and fibula in the leg. The man cannot catch a break. Checkout Kieron Dyer’s injury history:

  1. 2001 – March: fractured shin
  2. 2002 – January: stress fracture foot
  3. 2002 – May: knee ligament
  4. 2003 – March: hamstring injury
  5. 2004 – Rest of Year: lingering hamgstring injury
  6. 2005 – April: hamstring
  7. 2005 – July: Surprise, hamstring
  8. 2005 – October: You guessed it. Hamstring
  9. 2006 – February: Oh yeah, another hamstring

Robinho treatment for thigh edema

robinho-thigh-edema-injuryBrazil is favored to win the world cup, but their super sub Robinho will be out for the match against Ghaha due to a thigh edema. He suffered the injury in the match against Japan. He started that match, but has been used as a sub primarily.

What is a thigh edema? We need to break this down first. We all know what the thigh is, right? It’s the part of your leg that runs from your hip to your knee. Very powerful muscles are in the thighs. When you suffer an impact injury as Robinho did you can bruise your thigh area, which is what causes the edema. Edema is just extra fluid in a an area of your body. It accumulates at the point of this injury and might be blood or water that collects.

Understanding the World Cup stretcher flop and miraculous recovery dance

ghana-soccer-stretcherIf you’ve watched any of the 2006 World Cup you’ve become acquainted with the World Cup Stretcher Flop. This occurs when a soccer player suffers such a blow that the begin flopping around on the ground. You have to look closely for the offending hit by the opponent, since opponents in the World Cup move at the speed of light. Sometimes, you won’t see a hit at all. Don’t worry, the soccer players feel it.

When they feel that light speed hit they immediately drop to the ground and do the World Cup Stretcher Flop. This is usually accompanied by the sleek clutching of their knee or the fluid rubbing of their ankle. Shame on you if you feel that they are faking or embellishing their injury in any way. Tsk tsk if you feel they are just wasting time. This is a serious response to hard contact that no one saw since it happened so fast.