How to treat arthritic knees and meniscus transplantation

meniscus-injuries-knee.previewYour knees are probably the most important part of your body if you participate in sports. They’re used for everything from running to balancing to leveraging. It’s no fun when you suffer a knee injury, and it’s definitely not fun when your knees are arthritic.

Arthritic knees aren’t necessarily caused by any particular injury. Arthritis can be a degenerative condition caused by hereditary, infection or any number of things. When it hits your knees it typically affects the meniscus in your knee. The meniscus is two parts of cartilage that sit between your knee joint. If you lose or injure that it’s a long road to recovery, as meniscus doesn’t regrow.

Lactic acid exercise myths from your childhood

Remember growing up and playing sports? Every day? The tough gym classes where the coach would make you run more than you thought you could? I do, and I remember one specific instance in the 7th grade.

We were doing a track portion of gym class indoors. It was winter time and I was playing on the basketball team. We weren’t very good, which lead to many, many suicides. You know, the punishment where you sprint across a gym floor, bend over and touch a line, sprint back and keep going?

Lindsey Jacobellis strained knee treatment snowboarding injuries

lindsey-jacobellis-visaLindsey Jacobellis is a gold winning snowboarder from the United States. As a warm up for the 2006 Winter Olympic games, she was going to compete in the 2006 Winter X Games. Mysteriously, Lindsey Jacobellis didn’t show up for her qualifying run at the Winter X Games. Fairly soon, though, it was announced that she was suffering from a strained knee.

This is an ominous turn of events, Lindsey Jacobellis is almost the face of the United States team competing at the 2006 Winter Olympics. If she is injured and unable to compete it could mean a loss of medals and even advertising dollars.

James Dungy suicide, Jessica James found, suicide prevention

lonely-football.previewfootballEarlier this morning it was announced that James Dungy, Tony Dungy’s son, may have committed suicide in his apartment at Campus Lodge Apartments. He was found unconscious by his girlfriend, Jessica James. Emergency action was taken, but he was pronounced dead at University Community Hospital. James Dungy was 18 years old and attended Hillsborough Community College where he studied criminal justice technology.

Tony Dungy left Indianapolis this morning to travel to Tampa Bay on the Indianapolis Colts team plane. While he hasn’t made any public comments, his current team, the Indianapolis Colts, and his former team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have spoken.

Mike Martz may have endocarditis what is endocarditis?

endocarditisMike Martz is one sick guy. This week it was reported that he may have. Last week it was sinusitis. You’d think one guy could get a break.

We say “he may have”, because the doctors aren’t sure. Chris Mortenson reported was so bad last week that Mike Martz told his doctors that if they didn’t get a diagnosis he would resign as head coach of the St. Louis Rams.

They have probably settled on endocarditis, but there hasn’t been confirmation yet.

So, what is endocarditis? It’s an infection and inflammation of the inner layers of the heart. Usually it shows up on the heart valves themselves. The interesting thing about the heart valves is that they receive no blood supply. That means if they become infected you’re not going to have white cells to attack the infection.

Mike Martz Hospitalized for Sinus Infection – Sinusitis

sinusMike Martz, the often disparaged coach of the St. Louis Rams, drove himself to the hospital for a sinus infection. He was later admitted for treatment. There isn’t a concern, as he will be on the sidelines for the upcoming St. Louis Rams at New York Giants football game.

If you’ve had a sinus infection you can understand the pain associated with it. For those who are unlucky enough to never have suffered one, be thankful.

So, what are the sinuses anyway? They are pockets of open space in your face that are used to equalize pressure and sometimes fluid. When the membranes of the sinus or the fluid itself becomes infected, you’re the owner of Sinusitis.