How to treat lower back injury – Dinara Safina

Dinara Safina just became the third ranked women’s professional tennis player in the world. Pretty good, right? Not if you end up with a lower back injury. It turns out that the lower back injury has forced Safina out of the China Open this week.

Lower back pain is a constant concern for professional athletes, becasue like you and me, it’s an issue that has no typical discernable cause or treatment. All hope is not lost, though. Lower back pain can be treated if you follow some simple suggestions.

Let’s look at some of the things you need to know:

What is lower back pain? If you feel a twinge, radiating pain or soreness in the lower back you can be sure you’ve injured it somehow. Whether it’s a ligament, disk or muscle issue, the lower back affects everything from walking to running to sitting.

How afraid should you be of lead artificial turf

The Center for Environmental Health released a report yesterday saying that there are high lead levels in artificial turf. You know, the kind you play sports on.

Not knowing who the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) were, I check wikipedia. No entry. Reading their site will lead you to think they hate all industry. This doesn’t affect what they report, but you should keep it in mind. The impetus for their testing was a CDC report about artificial turf. It is not apparent whether the CEH undertook their study prior to or after the CDC.

The report is skimpy on information. It boils down to this:

  • They tested 50 products.
  • 15 showed up as having 600 parts per million in lead.

How long does it take to recover from a broken foot – Bubba Harris

We’ve covered how to treat a broken foot before, but I had to mention a few more things about it in light of some news. I am not going to say I watch BMX, but I know of it. This is the sport where people think it’s a great idea to jump obstacles and soar high on bikes. One of the stars of the sport is Bubba Harris. He’s a pro BMXer who knows a thing or two about injuries.

For instance, he suffered an injury almost a year ago that was so bad that doctors thought they would have to amputate his foot. The injury was one of the worst for a foot and it exposed tendons, ligaments and more. His foot was literally hanging by a tendon and some skin.

Very cool knee injury videos

Today I was going to write about Chipper Jones’ injury, but that can wait. What I wanted to chat about today is the very cool knee injury videos on You Tube. No, I’m not talking about the ones that show the actual injuries. I don’t know about you, but it makes me squeamish to watch that happen. I remember injuries to myself and how I felt when they happened. A shiver goes up my back.

What I am talking about are the cool educational knee videos on You Tube. A few are low budget and missing information, but then a few others are right on topic. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Interview with John Frappier of Athletic Republic – Creators of ThrowingCord – Cord Technologies

sports-training-photoWe’re into the injury aspect of sports, but we also discuss topics related to preventing injuries. A newer technology called Cord Technologies is helping more athletes improve their performance and prevent injuries. It’s a fascinating technology with targeted products.

This email interview with John Frappier of Athletic Republic is from earlier in the year and sheds light on the specifics of this newer technology. John is one of the visionaries when it comes to sports technology.

1) What is Athletic Republic?

Athletic Republic, formerly Frappier Acceleration® Sports Training, is the world’s premiere provider of scientifically based, athletic development training programs. Founded in 1990 on the continuing research of exercise physiologist John Frappier, M.S., and Stephen C. Swanson, M.S., Athletic Republic’s training programs are available at more than 160 facilities throughout North America, United Kingdom, the Philippines and Japan.

How to treat dengue fever – Diego Hypolito

how-to-treat-dengue-fever-diego-hypolito-photoYep, the link is tenuous at best, but dengue fever can be considered a legitimate sports injury. Not buying it? Try talking to Diego Hypolito. What? Never heard of the only South American medalist to ever medal at the Gymnastic World Championships? Seriously, you need to expand your sports knowledge.

Dengue fever should be pronounced like Ben Gay, but with a D. Hence, Den Gay. The fascinating thing about this is the media reports concerning Hypolito’s infection. Check this out:

He’s recovering and could be released from the hospital on Tuesday. The three or four days he missed because of dengue will not affect his training for the Olympics. He will be completely recovered and ready to practice on April 23. – Dr. Robson de Bem.

How does the clear THG help athletes – Marion Jones sucks

how-does-the-clear-THG-help-athletes-Marion-Jones-sucks-photoMarion Jones is in the news again. This time she, or should I say her attorney, is pleading to the court to avoid prison time. Her attorney saus she has suffered enough. As if. Marion Jones turned in her medals and has become a ghost in the world of track and field, but she still cheated. More importantly, she lied.

You might be wondering how the clear THG helps athletes and why would they use it. Hopefully, the run through below helps you become more acquainted with the steroid.

What is the clear THG? Big word alert. It’s real name is tetrahydrogestrinone. Yeah, good luck with that one. It’s an anabolic steroid.

Capzasin-HP Arthritis Relief Topical Analgesic Cream, .1-Percent Capsaicin, 1.5-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 2)

How to treat perfection – New England Patriots

how-to-treat-perfectionWith last night’s win against the New York Giants, the New England Patriots become the first NFL team to win 16 regular season games without a loss. That’s called perfection, and it’s a problem for the 90% of NFL fans that aren’t Patriots lovers. Don’t get me wrong, a perfect NFL regular season is something to behold, but I think the current medical research shows that it causes visceral hate in most football fans.

Football fans don’t want to think teams are perfect, especially if they are led by a quarterback with farm boy good looks, a wide receiver one parked car away from jail or a coach whose sense of ethics are predicated on the benefit to him. No, football fans get an ill feeling if a team walks through the regular season and then the post season without being tagged with the taint of a loss.

How to treat a broken forearm – Resi Stiegler

how-to-treat-a-broken-forearm-resi-stiegler-photoI don’t ski. I’ve never skied, which is why I haven’t discussed any skiing injuries. What I do know is that you see knee injuries in skiing more than any other injury, well, outside of frostbite. The injury today is a broken forearm and the winner is Resi Stiegler. (Warning the website has music.) I should say loser, as she is the giant slalom champion for the United States. She suffered injuries in a crash at the World Cup giant slalom race today.

Resi ended up with the following list of injuries:

  • Broken forearm
  • Torn knee ligaments
  • Bruised face
  • Bruised hip

What is interesting about this is that she didn’t hit the tree in the photo to cause the forearm break. I guess the breakaway barrier did the job by accepting and redirecting the force of the crash.

Treatment for brain aneurysm – peter gammons

brain-aneurysmWe’re going to take a break today and move from covering athletes so that we can cover someone who covers them, Peter Gammons. Peter Gammons is the premiere baseball analyst in the business. Working for ESPN, Peter has been a figure of analysis, commentary and information for years. On June 27, 2006 Peter Gammons suffered a brain aneurysm.

A brain aneurysm is a bulging or ballooning of one of the arteries in your brain. There are two types of brain aneurysms: unruptured and ruptured. In an unruptured brain aneurysm the bulge has not burst. In a ruptured brain aneurysm the bulge bursts. We’re going to talk about unruptured brain aneurysms and their treatment, because only 20% of patients that suffer a ruptured brain aneurysm live without complications.