Week Five NFL Injuries Strike Running Backs

Week five was rough on the NFL’s running backs.

Najeh Davenport broke his right ankle and Deuce McAllister is scheduled for an MRI exam on his knee. Julius Jones missed the second half and there’s no telling what’s wrong with Corey Dillon.

Davenport scored two touchdowns for Green Bay, as a fill-in starter.  The fourth year runningback broke his right ankle after being dragged down on a 2-yard recption in the first half.

“More than likely, the seriousness of this would take away his season this year,” Packers coach Mike Sherman said. “That’s very unfortunate. He was playing well at the time.”

Saints runningback Deuce McAllister will get an MRI exam Oct. 10 on his right knee, which he sprained in the third quarter. He finished with 31 yards on 11 carries.

Kyle Ambrogi commits suicide – what causes suicide

A young life cut down before it has a chance to bloom is sad, but what happens if that young life is cut down by its own hand? That’s what happened with Kyle Ambrogi of the Penn football team. Kyle Ambrogi committed suicide leaving more questions than answers.

As a football player, Kyle’s statistics were nothing to yell about, but he had just had his best game of his college career. He scored two touchdowns against Bucknell, helping his Penn team rout their foes 53-7.

The family reported that the 21 year old Ambrogi had been suffering from depression. Greg Ambrogi, Kyle’s younger brother said:

I knew my brother had been having some problems. I thought he was getting better. I can’t believe it happened. I can’t cry yet.

Eddie Drummond to miss week 6 with hyperextended left knee

Detroit Lions kick returner Eddie Drummond was injured in the opening kickoff of the NFL Week 5 game between the Lions and Baltimore Ravens.

It is reported that he will be out a week with a hyperextended left knee.

A hyperextension is when a joint is straightened beyond its normal fully straightened position.  It usually results in an awkward landing from a jump or from a contact injury.  The severity can range from minor, such as a strain, to severe, with ligament rupture or tear.

There are treatments available that depend on the severity of the injury.  Once diagnosed, options such as physical therapy for lighter hyperextensions and surgery for more severe hyperextension are available for the patient.

Najeh Davenport broken ankle – how to treat a broken ankle

najeh-davenport-broken-ankleThe Green Bay Packers aren’t having their best season. They’re the modern version of zombie nation. The bad luck continued in their first win of the year versus the New Orleans Saints. Najeh Davenport suffered a broken ankle.

Najeh Davenport was promoted to starting running back when Ahmen Green was sidelined. He had a very good first half until he was tackled and his ankle was twisted to the point it broke.

A ankle fracture happens when the ankle joint is twisted or trauma occurs with enough force to break the stabilization. There are three main bones that provide this stabilization and they are the talus, fibula and tibia. Most ankle breaks occur with the anklebone (talus).


What is arthroscopic surgery, Roland Williams and Antrell Rolle

kneeligamentsThe past week showed that football is a violent sport on the joints of its players. Roland Williams, St. Louis Rams tight end, and Antrell Rolle, Arizona Cardinals first round cornerback, both suffered knee injuries that will require arthroscopic surgery. What is arthroscopoic surgery and how will it help these players?

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery that helps doctors look into a fix the joints of the body. Most commonly, arthroscopic surgery is used to fix torn ligaments in the knee.

Ligaments are muscles that help stabilize your knee. For instance, the medial collateral ligament prevents damage to your knee by blows from the side. The lateral collateral ligament protects your knee from an inside blow to the knee.

Chad Penningington’s Torn Rotator Cuff – What is a torn rotator cuff?

torn-rotator-cuffIf Chad Pennington didn’t have bad luck he’d have no luck. After missing last season, Chad was off to a rocky start this year. He had an issue holding onto the ball, which lead to 8 fumbles this season.In the game third game of the year against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chad Pennington was pushed to the ground and was injured. At first it seemed he would be ok, as he came back into the game when Jay Fiedler was hurt. Alas, it was not to be as later MRIs revealed that Chad Pennington had a torn rotator cuff.

Chad Pennington’s torn rotator cuff is in his right shoulder, which is the same shoulder he had surgically repaired for, you guessed it, a torn rotator cuff.

What did Thomas Herrion die from? Ischaemic heart disease

heart-damageThomas Herrion played college football for the University of Utah, and in 2004 played on a couple of practice squads in the NFL. He played in NFL Europe and did well enough to earn a spot with the San Francisco 49ers as offensive lineman. 2005 was going to be a good year for Thomas Herrion until a fateful night in Denver.

After playing in a 14 play series at the end of the game, Herrion joined his fellow teammates in the locker room for a post game prayer. Thomas went to one knee, but never made it back up. He collapsed and died.

Though medical staff were attending to him within a minute of the collapse, there was nothing they could do as Thomas Herrion had died from Ischaemic heart disease.

Buffalo Bills: Takeo Spikes – Torn Achilles Tendon

Buffalo Bills linebacker Takeo Spikes has been put on the shelf for the rest of the 2005 NFL season with a torn right achilles tendon, suffered in the Sunday, September 25th week 3 game against the Houston Texans.

In his seven-plus NFL season, Spikes has not yet missed a game due to injury.

Spikes was hurt in the second quarter while pressuring quarterback Michael Vick. It’s unclear what happened on the play, but Spikes was left lying face down on the field a few feet in front of Vick, who had overthrown receiver Roddy White.

“It’s a big blow for our defense,” Bills linebacker London Fletcher said Monday. “However, we will still play football on Sunday. Injuries happen all the time. We’ve got some other guys that have to take up the slack.”