Alcoholism and professional athletes Kelly Pavlik

Alcoholism-professional-athletes-boxing-glovesKelly Pavlik is a boxer I am unfamiliar with. I rarely watch boxing anymore due to the fact we dropped satellite TV years ago and I prefer mixed martial arts fights now. An article concerning Kell’s alcoholism caught my attention today, not for the clever title, but for the meat of the subject. Substance abuse, the non-performance enhancing kind, very rarely gets attention in the athletic world.

Alcoholism is an insidious disease that can affect everyone. Some are more susceptible that others, but it cuts across all lines. Professional athletes are bombarded by media at every turn reminding them about alcohol.

Remember, a majority of professional athletes aren’t major leaguers. They are athletes working at minor league clubs, developmental leagues, etc. In our current environment, you should also put college athletes into the mix.

Vitali Klitschko pulls out of fight – how to treat a knee sprain

vitali-klitschko-injuryVitali Klitschko had the largest payday of his life coming up on November 12th against Hasim Rahman. Too bad Vitali Klitschko pulled up lame with a knee sprain. He had to pull out of the fight, and it’ll be rescheduled in the future.

The knee is most complex joint in your body. Ligaments, tendons, bone, muscles all work together to support, move and propel your body. A knee is something that boxer relies on to duck out of the way, generate the force for punches and bounce around the ring.

Vitali Klitschko’s injury is a knee sprain, which can range for being a small inconvenience to a major ambulatory issue. Vitali’s injury is more along the lines of a small inconvenience.