How to treat a torn patellar tendon – DeMya Walker

how-treat-patellar-tendon-photoI don’t think I’ve gotten into the WNBA. With a limited amount of time, and other sports to watch, I think I’ve seen maybe part of one or two WNBA games. Still, these women are professional athletes, and their injuries hurt just as much.

For instance, DeMya Walker of the Sacramento Monarchs is out for the season following a patellar tendon tear. This is nasty injury, and one that sidelines many basketball players. The report indicates she suffered from a sprain in her right knee prior to this. I am not sure if they are related, but it’s not too much to think they are.

Tracy McGrady back injury – treatment of back sprain

tracy-mcgrady-back-injury-stretcherTracy McGrady is in the top ten basketball players on the planet, but he’s been humbled lately due to a back strain. While some in the media are questioning whether Tracy McGrady is washed up, a back strain is a tough mess to clean up.

Your back provides the framework for the rest of your skeleton and cannot be underestimated in importance. Everything from standing to walking to laying down are affected by your back. This doesn’t even begin to address how important the back is in basketball. Even a minor disruption of your back’s physiological function will hurt your performance.

Kayla Burt leaves basketball – Long QT syndrome defibrillator

kayla-burtKayla Burt is a college basketball player for the University of Washington. Scratch that. Kayla Burt was a player on the University of Washington women’s basketball team. Kayla has left the game due to continuing issues surrounding Long QT syndrome. Kayla’s implanted heart defibrillator went off twice Thursday, January 12, 2006 in a game against the UCLA Bruins.

Her implant went into action as she experienced ventricular tachycardia, which is a very rapid beating of the heart. The heart beats so rapidly that it cannot pump blood into the body.

What isĀ  Long QT Syndrome? It’s a heart ailment that is akin to a car’s valves siezing. The heart becomes charged and rigid when pumping blood, but it should relax after to allow blood flow in. With the Long QT Syndrome the heart stays charged and doesn’t relax.

Yao Ming – Infected toe treatment – osteomyelitis

yao-ming-infected-toeYao Ming is hobbled by an infected toe. The 7 foot 5 inch NBA all star has an infected big toe. It’s amazing that the toes can have that much of an effect on a person, but it’s true. The big toe is critical for walking, and more importantly for Yao, running.

Yao Ming doesn’t have your run of the mill toe infection, but an infection called osteomyelitis. It’s a nasty infection that is usually introduced somewhere else in the body, but ends up attacking bones.

In Yao’s case that bone was his big toe.

What are the symptoms of osteomyelitis – toe infection?

  • Bone pain in the area infected
  • Swelling
  • Fever
  • Chills

Steve Franics – Bruised ribs treatment and diagnosis

steve-francis-magic_0Steve Fancis, the electric guard for the Orlando Magic, was involved in a car accident at the end of November. He suffered various injuries, but the most painful was bruised ribs. In his line of work you have to be able to move agilely without pain. Bruised ribs prevents this movement.

What are ribs? The human ribs collectively form the rib cage. The purpose of ribs is to surround the heart and lungs to provide protections. Ribs are bones and humans have 24 of them.

What are bruised ribs? Bruised ribs occur when a blow or blunt trauma impacts the ribs. The ribs will push against the surrounding muscle wall and bruise the area. You can think of this as pushing a hand against gelatin. You probably won’t push through, but you’ll leave a mark. The “mark” is what causes bruised ribs.

Carlos Boozer hamstring set back – how to treat a hamstring pull

hamstringIn the NBA your legs are your life. Running down the court, jumping it’s all based on the movement of your legs. When you are injured, as Carlos Boozer has been with pulled or strained hamstring, you go on the bench.

Carlos Boozer has had a setback with his pulled hamstring muscle, which means he has to undergo treatment and then physical therapy again to regain the strength and mobility that the hamstring muscle provides.

What is the hamstring muscle? The hamstring muscle is actually a collection muscles on the back of your thigh. They are thick and fibrous tendons that allow you to move your leg at the knee joint.

How do you pull your hamstring? There are a number of causes of hamstring pulls or strains:

DJ White broken foot treatment – recovering from a broken foot

foot-bonesDJ White is a starting forward for Indiana University, and he’s going to be out of the lineup for six weeks with a broken foot. The injury to DJ White is odd in that the medical staff doesn’t know when it happened. DJ didn’t complain of any pain during a game.

The injury to DJ White isn’t a stress fracture, so he shouldn’t miss much time. The estimates are between two and six weeks.

What is a broken foot? The foot has 26 bones that are separated into three classifications: forefoot, mid foot and hind foot. A broken foot occurs when one of the bones breaks.

What causes a broken foot? There are a number of reasons depending on which part of the foot is affected:

How to treat a stress fracture of the foot – Pavel Podkolzin treatment

stress-fracture-footPoor Pavel Podkolzin. If you don’t know him, and you probably don’t, he’s a 7 foot 5 inch Russian that plays basketball for the Dallas Mavericks. Unfortunately for Pavel Podkolzin, he injured his foot and ended up with a stress fracture. Specifically, it’s his right foot and he had to undergo surgery, including adding two screws, to repair it.

What is a stress fracture? A stress fracture isn’t a break of a bone, but more like a crack in the bone. They are usually very small and can cause intense pain. In this case, Pavel Podkolzin’s right foot developed a stress fracture.

What is a spleen? Treatment splenectomy – Dwayne Carswell

spleenDwayne Carswell of the Denver Broncos was recently in a five car accident that caused major damage to him. Dwayne had to have his spleen removed in a procedure called a splenectomy. Carswell suffered broken ribs, a ruptured spleen and other injuries in the accident.

What is a spleen? The spleen is an organ in the human body that helps remove dead red blood cells and other nasty items from your bloodstream. You can think of it as a strainer for your blood. The spleen itself is a spongy type of tissue.

Do you need a spleen? No, your body can properly work without a spleen. There is a slight, increased risk of infections that you normally wouldn’t get.