Did Chris Bosh make the right decision on Olympics

Chris Bosh has chosen to skip the Olympics due to the lingering effects of his abdominal issue during the NBA playoffs. The playoff run took everything out of him and he delivered when it counted.

Chris said the following about the run:

 … that was everything to me. It was just erasing all those memories, getting that bad taste out of my mouth. I live with that every time I walk down the hall. I forgot cameras were there last year, but whatever.

But I think it was good for me in the long run because I could watch every single day what we had to go through and what I had to go through. So any time that I was thinking about just taking a play off or taking some time off or not working that day, doing the easy thing, I thought about that moment.

How long to heal a scratched retina – Tony Parker

I’ll never understand professional athletes. Tony Parker plays basketball for the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs. He was involved in a nightclub altercation, which looked more like a fight on an epic scale. No one knows what happened, nor does it seem anyone really cares.

The problem, now? Tony Parker is hurt, supposedly. He’s filed suit against the nightclub alleging he suffered a scratched retina.

What is a scracthed retina

Yeah, I don’t know, either. I know a retina is like a screen that your eye projects images onto. The retina then fires off chemicals to create the images your mind sees. Pretty cool. The problem is that it really doesn’t get scratched. Look at the bad boy:

How long to heal a scratched retina - Tony Parker Photo

How quickly can you recover from a hand bruise – James Harden

James Harden had a pathetic 2012 NBA Finals. It was a shocking display of ineptitude and miscasting that led to his performance. When the young team needed him to rally, he shirked. Many people wondered what happened to Harden. The answer came out prior to game 5 … bruised hand.

A bruised hand is a pretty open injury. It could be the muscles or bones in the hand are bruised or just the skin is bruised. And don’t think a bruise means you’ll see black and blue marks, because only significant bruises caused by torn tendons or broken bones will show skin changes usually.

Causes of a bruised hand

  1. Impact – A sudden, jarring impact of the hand.
  2. Compression – Compressing the hand between two hard objects.

Heal fast from foot surgery – Rodrigue Beaubois

heal-fast-from-foot-surgery-rodrigue-beaubois-photoFoot surgery is never an easy thing, but there a number of tips you can do to make the healing process faster. The quicker you heal, the quicker you get back to playing.

Rodrigue Beaubois should listen. He’s now had two foot surgeries in under a year and it’s not looking good nowadays. Back in April, when the Mavericks started the playoffs, there was no guarantee he would play:

Coach Rick Carlisle declined to give an update on Rodrigue Beaubois’ sprained left foot, saying the Mavs will see how the young guard feels tomorrow before determining his status for Game 2.

The second surgery happened this week. Here is the original report in french.

Foot surgery isn’t fun, but here are some guidelines to bouncing back quickly:

How to prevent most common youth basketball injuries

The most common youth basketball injuries are the same for adults. Since it is a fast moving, action filled game, basketball can cause very serious injuries if players are not careful.

The following injuries happen the most in youth basketball:

Ankle Sprains – Ankle sprains occur when the ligaments in the ankle are stretched or torn. Basketball is a game of stopping, starting and cutting, so ankles become very vulnerable. You can help prevent youth sprained ankles by ensuing players stretch properly and are fit. If a youth player does sprain an ankle, they need to quit playing and follow the rest, ice, compression and elevation method.

In defense of Lebron James

Does Lebron James need a sports psychologist? Well, the experts are saying he does. Can you imagine that? You’re one of the best players ever in a team game and people blame you for not winning. Yes, I understand the build up, the ego and the predictions he made. Still, he is getting a bum rap here and needs a little defense, unlike what he provided in the series final game.

Let’s look at a few things:

The quote – After the game Lebron said the following when asked if he had anything to say to those who wanted to see him fail:

Ankle surgery to prevent sprains instability – Stephen Curry

We’ve covered how to prevent chronic sprained ankles before, so I found it pretty cool when the news came out the Stephen Curry had surgery to prevent sprained ankles.


Well, not for Stephen, but for someone who thinks the human body rocks, it is pretty cool.

Stephen is suffering from ankle instability, which means his ankles cannot handle the stress placed on them. The doctor doing the work, Dr. Robert Anderson, is the assistant team physician for the Carolina Panthers. He is also past president of American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society.

What is ankle instability? After repeated ankle sprains, your ligaments won’t heal properly. Since they are designed to provide stability to your ankle, you’ll experience instability leading to, you guess it, more ankle sprains.

How to treat a dislocated elbow – Rajon Rondo

How-to-treat-a-dislocated-elbow-Rajon-Rondo-photoRajon Rondo is a big part of the Celtics’ success the last few years. He is a dynamic player that puts it all on the court in an effort to move his team forward. It wasn’t a surprise that he suffered a dislocated elbow while guarding Dwyane Wade.

So, this leads us to a few questions:

What is a dislocated elbow? Your elbow is a joint that attaches three bones: Humerus of upper arm, ulna and radius of the forearm. The elbow joint is held in place by ligaments, tendons and muscles. A dislocated elbow occurs when one of the bones slips out of this joint, more commonly the humerus.

Chronic migraines and athletes Dwyane Wade

Migraines-and-athletes-Dwyane-Wade-photoDwyane Wade has an issue with migraine headaches. It hasn’t stopped his performance in the NBA playoffs, but it got me thinking about athletes and migraines. You typically don’t hear about athletes having migraine issues due to the bravado involved in sports.

“Oh, you just have a headache.”

“Toughen up.”

Chronic migraines are serious issues and they have repercussions for athletes. Approximately, 12% of the United States suffers from regular migraines and it has only been since 2006 that chronic migraines were accepted as a real diagnosis. If you suffer more than 15 headaches a month, you may have chronic migraines.

People who suffer chronic migraines have headaches most of the time. They are an almost daily occurrence and can be crippling. Cognitive abilities are impaired, as is functional performance.

Why is Yao Ming always hurt

why is yao ming always hurtYao Ming is in the news again. Poor guy. He seems to always be hurt. This time it’s a lingering foot issue. We’ve covered his foot bone spurs and his foot infection before. It seems a remarkable run of injuries for the man that was once the future of the NBA.

While Yao claims to want to come back and play for the Houston Rockets, his history of being injured is a major roadblock to his goal. The team has to make plans without him and even when he is ready, they will be very cautious of bringing him in full time.

From the years 2005 through 2010 he’s missed considerable time:

2005 – Out 21 games.

2006 – Out 34 games.