Treatment for a broken hand – Alfonso Soriano

Wow, the Chicago Cubs really are snake bit. They are having a good year and their chief rivals lost their big gun with a torn calf muscle. Time to pownce and take over the division, right?

Not so fast. These are the Cubbies after all.

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Last night, Alfonso Soriano broke his hand when he was hit by a Jeff Bennett pitch. The screams you heard didn’t come from Soriano, but the millions of Cubs fans.

What is a broken hand? We’ll skip telling you what a hand is and jump to the 27 bones that comprise your hand. Yes, 27 bones. A broken hand is when one of the 27 bones breaks. Soriano broke a metacarpal, which are the bones comprising the palm.

How to treat a torn calf muscle – Albert Pujols

Yeah, so it’s always fun with the media doesn’t really dig into a story. For instance, Albert Pujols hits a groundball, takes a step to run the bases and goes down like he’s shot. The St. Louis Cardinals are calling it a strained calf, which is funny considering it’s a torn calf muscle.

There are a couple of things you need to know before we continue discussing a torn calf muscle:

  1. The calf muscle is actually two muscles. Yep, it’s silly, but we still refer to it in the singular. The two muscles that make up the calf are soleus and gastrocnemius. The soleus is the one deeper down, while the gastrocnemius is the one closest to the skin.

How long does it take to recover from a quadriceps tear – Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones is off to an incredible start in the 2008 season. His lifetimes stats show that he’s a pretty good player, but this year he’s been unreal. Of course, an injury is throwing a kink into those plans.

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Chipper’s injury is termed a slight tear in the quadriceps. Of course, having covered how to treat a quadriceps tear in the past, we know there are different degrees of quadriceps tears. Chipper’s appears to be a slight tear that was diagnosed by a doctor testing the injury physically.

One of the interesting ways the doctors were going to help Chipper was to draw down the blood pooling due to the inflammation. Chipper said no to that one. He did say:

How long to recover from a separated shoulder – Tadahito Iguchi

how-to-treat-separated-shoulder-photoMan, I really love watching Tadahito Iguchi play baseball. He’s an import from Japan, and his baseball career hasn’t been awesome. Still, I love watching him play for a couple of reasons:

1) He still has a youngster’s love and enthusiasm for the game.

2) The photos of him playing capture this spirit and never disappoint.

It was a bummer to see that Tadahito Iguchi was put on the disabled list for a separated shoulder this week. For an infielder, well, any baseball player, a separated shoulder affects all parts of your game. Your shoulder acts as a lever joint helping you throw, hit and even run in baseball. When you suffer a separated shoulder it’s very painful.

What are common injuries from baseball fights

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Wow. The Red Sox and Rays really don’t like each other. In the amazing fight from yesterday you can see that the Red Sox don’t like an upstart team like the Rays getting the limelight. Seriously, the fight was one for the record books. Take a gander.

Someone at the game captured it on video:

Pretty cool, eh?

Luckily, most fights are stopped before the get too serious, but here are the top injuries that come from baseball fights:

  1. Boken Jaw
  2. Broken Nose
  3. Concussion
  4. Torn Tendons
  5. Abrasions
  6. Bruised Egos
  7. Embarrassment

Oh, yeah, egos and embarassment are huge injuries to majorr league basbeball players. Can you imagine what Coco Crisp feels like today?

How to treat a sprained ankle – Jimmy Rollins

how-to-treat-sprained-ankle-photoSometimes baseball is just cruel. Look no further than last year’s MVP Jimmy Rollins. For the first time in his career, he’s going on the disabled list with a sprained ankle. It’s quite a blow for the Phillies and for Jimmy himself. Jimmy’s ability is helped greatly by his speed, which a sprained ankle will take away from.

Jimmy Rollins himself understands this:

My game is speed and I don’t have much of that now.

A sprained ankle is literally an anchor for a speedster like Rollins. It affects everything about the movement of running and stopping. Laugh if you will, but stopping is an important part of being able to run and push on the basepaths.

How to prevent pulled hamstrings

prevent-pulled-hamstringsThe Cleveland Indians have a pretty good shot at making some noise this year, but they lost Victor Martinez in the home opener. It looks to be just a pulled hamstring, but there is a pending MRI. Cue ominous music. How did Victor hurt his hamstring? Running to second base. Yes. He was running from one base to another. Nothing heroic nor legendary.

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We spoke about how to treat pulled hamstrings in the past. This time we thought we’d talk through pulled hamstring injury prevention.

What is the treatment for a shoulder bruise contusion – Vladimir Guerrero

what-treatment-shoulder-bruise-contusion-vladimir-guerrero-photoVladimir Guerrero and the Los Angeles Angels are in trouble. They are down 2-0 to the Boston Red Sox and are looking at the business end of a sweep. To make matters worse, Vlad was nailed by a pitch from Manny Delcarmen. Vlad was removed from the game with a shoulder contusion.

What is a shoulder contusion? A shoulder contusion is a fancy way of saying shoulder bruise. A contusion is a bruise. If you watch the replays on TV, you’ll see Vlad takes a nasty pitch to his left shoulder. This is what caused his bruise. Bruises occur due to blunt force trauma to an area of your body. In most cases the bruise is in soft tissue. When this occurs damage to your capillaries has happened.

How to treat a strained lower back – Claudio Vargas

treat-strained-lower-back-claudio-vargas-photoAh, the old “lower back strain” injury. You see this primarily in baseball and in other non-contact sports. Claudio Vargas is being put on the disabled list, which makes room for Ben Sheets to rejoin the Milwaukee Brewews. Now, the timing might be nice for the Brewers, but lower back strain isn’t something to mess with.

It’s a very non-specific issue without more diagnosis. This means that some teams can use it to cover moves without much pressure. Still, lower back strain is extremely hard to perform with.

For instance, the back is influenced by pretty much all movements. Toss in the fact that muscle, nerves, ligaments, tendons and more all run through the back and you’re looking at pain.

How to treat a strained forearm – Russ Ortiz

russ-ortiz-forearm-injury-photo_1Russ Ortiz has been around the block in the major leagues, so it comes as no suprise that he is headed onto the disabled list with a strained forearm. He’s had issues with the forearm in the past, but those were nerve issues and not a strained forearm.

As for the latest setback, Russ Ortiz had to say:

It’s very discouraging. To have to go in for another MRI when I feel like I just had one is very frustrating. I was feeling really good. … This is the second time I’ve had an issue this year when everything seems to be going the right way. I had to be on the DL twice, that’s the frustrating part.