Mike Martz Hospitalized for Sinus Infection – Sinusitis

sinusMike Martz, the often disparaged coach of the St. Louis Rams, drove himself to the hospital for a sinus infection. He was later admitted for treatment. There isn’t a concern, as he will be on the sidelines for the upcoming St. Louis Rams at New York Giants football game.

If you’ve had a sinus infection you can understand the pain associated with it. For those who are unlucky enough to never have suffered one, be thankful.

So, what are the sinuses anyway? They are pockets of open space in your face that are used to equalize pressure and sometimes fluid. When the membranes of the sinus or the fluid itself becomes infected, you’re the owner of Sinusitis.

Buffalo Bills: Takeo Spikes – Torn Achilles Tendon

Buffalo Bills linebacker Takeo Spikes has been put on the shelf for the rest of the 2005 NFL season with a torn right achilles tendon, suffered in the Sunday, September 25th week 3 game against the Houston Texans.

In his seven-plus NFL season, Spikes has not yet missed a game due to injury.

Spikes was hurt in the second quarter while pressuring quarterback Michael Vick. It’s unclear what happened on the play, but Spikes was left lying face down on the field a few feet in front of Vick, who had overthrown receiver Roddy White.

“It’s a big blow for our defense,” Bills linebacker London Fletcher said Monday. “However, we will still play football on Sunday. Injuries happen all the time. We’ve got some other guys that have to take up the slack.”