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Deciding to play with a hurt shoulder – Sam Thaiday

Sam Thaiday is a professional rugby player who is known for his protection and scrapiness when on the field. His career has featured great high points including being named an Indigenous All Star of the century.

When I look for articles to talk about I try to balance the boring stuff with things that get my attention. It was with this in mind I found the article on Sam. Specifically, the article was basically letting Sam decide the state of his shoulder injury and whether he could play or not.

This is what got my interest … a quote by Darren Lockyer:

How to treat a sore shoulder – Michael Brantley

The Cleveland Indians are hitting a bit of a rough patch with injuries. Michael Brantley, their very consistent outfielder, hasn’t played in a number of days due to shoulder soreness.

He said:

It’s nothing serious. He just wanted to give me an extra day. I’m ready to go off the bench. Whenever they need me, I’ll be ready to go.

It’s good that he doesn’t consider it to be a serious issue. Still, many people who play sports on the weekend experience shoulder soreness.

What is shoulder soreness? Your shoulder is the joint used to provide mobility and stability to your arms. Without your shoulders the arms would flop around. It is a collection of bones, ligaments and muscles. The soreness most people feel is from a shoulder strain or shoulder overuse.

How to treat a torn shoulder capsule – Chris Young

how-to-treat-a-torn-shoulder-capsule-chris-young-photoOne of the main reasons I love writing for The Disabled List is that I learn something new each day. Seriously, I love the human body and its amazing ability to function. In another life I am a doctor, but not this one.

So, I was elated when Chris Young was diagnosed with a torn shoulder capsule. Yeah, I had no idea what that referenced, either. Through research, I can tell you pretty much everything about a torn shoulder capsule. Before I start, I will tell you Chris Young is screwed as a major league pitcher. He’s not going to come back from this injury.

The shoulder is an amazing joint in that the internal ligaments aren’t as strong as you would think they should be. The shoulder primarily relies on muscles to help it do the work.

What causes pitching shoulder inflammation Chad Gaudin

What-causes-pitching-shoulder-inflammation-Chad-Gaudin-photoChad Gaudin has had a nice career in the major leagues, but he is headed to the disabled list due to shoulder inflammation. His coach says:

We anticipate it’ll just be some inflammation, a little soreness, that we’ll be able to work out of there, and he’ll be back on in a few weeks.

Ironically, he’ll be replaced on the roster by Henry Rodriguez who is coming back from the disabled list after suffering from, you guessed it, shoulder inflammation.

So, what is it about pitching that causes shoulder inflammation. Let’s take a look at a few things:

What is shoulder inflammation? Shoulder inflammation is irritation of the soft tissue in the shoulder joint, specifically the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

What are common shoulder injuries in baseball Scott Rolen

Baseball brings to the table the most shoulder injuries that any other sport. Pitching a baseball is not a natural movement for humans, so there is an opportunity for damage. Scott Rolen is the poster boy for miscellaneous shoulder injuries. He’s been sent to the disabled list due to a lingering shoulder issue.

As Scott said:

I think that’s the best course. Let everything calm itself down. Let the medicine get in there and work. I’ve got the neck, the upper back and trap, the things that go along with it. The shoulder causes all the things.

Scott is right on with his line of thinking.