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How long to recover from a broken forearm – Albert Pujols

how-long-to-recover-from-a-broken-forearm-albert-pujols-photoThe last time Albert Pujols was significantly injured it was in 2008 when he suffered a torn calf muscle. Back then, the Cardinals were overly optimistic about his recovery. With his broken forearm, the Cardinals are taking all the caution they can and placing him on the disabled list for 4-6 weeks. We’ve covered how to treat a broken forearm when Tony Pike broke his, but in this case we need to discuss how long it takes to recover from a broken forearm, especially in baseball.

This isn’t the first the Cardinals have dealt with forearm issues this year. Nick Punto is still on the disabled list with a strained forearm. The injury occured when Albert attempted to tag out a base runner at first. He was drawn off the bag by an errant throw. You can watch it by going to the MLB site and watching the video. You cannot embed their videos.

How to prevent forearm strains – Nick Punto

how-to-prevent-forearm-strains-nick-punto-photoNick Punto is not a happy fellow. He finally makes it into the normal rotation of players with the Cardinals and he ends up hurt. He’s got a strained forearm and it’s got him a little down:

To be out there playing a little bit timid, I think that was the red flag for the medical staff. I was worried about my next hard throw.


We know about forearms here The Disabled List. Still, it seems like unless it is broken, you can do something to prevent forearm injuries. Yep, you can.

Here are the top three things to do to prevent forearm injuries:

How to treat a broken forearm – Tony Pike

Imagine lifting your arm up and your hand flops to feel your elbow. That’s sorta what happens when you break your foream. Tony Pike is the starting quarterback for the University of Cincinnati, which is unreal. Why? He was the third string quarterback to start the year. Univeristy of Cincinnati has hit a rash of injuries to quarterback, so it was no surprise when Tony Pike broke his forearm.

The first thing you need to understand is that the forearm is actually two bones, the ulna and radius. Tony Pike broke his radius, which is the inside bone running from the elbow to the thumb side.

How to treat a broken forearm – Resi Stiegler

how-to-treat-a-broken-forearm-resi-stiegler-photoI don’t ski. I’ve never skied, which is why I haven’t discussed any skiing injuries. What I do know is that you see knee injuries in skiing more than any other injury, well, outside of frostbite. The injury today is a broken forearm and the winner is Resi Stiegler. (Warning the website has music.) I should say loser, as she is the giant slalom champion for the United States. She suffered injuries in a crash at the World Cup giant slalom race today.

Resi ended up with the following list of injuries:

  • Broken forearm
  • Torn knee ligaments
  • Bruised face
  • Bruised hip

What is interesting about this is that she didn’t hit the tree in the photo to cause the forearm break. I guess the breakaway barrier did the job by accepting and redirecting the force of the crash.

How to treat a strained forearm – Russ Ortiz

russ-ortiz-forearm-injury-photo_1Russ Ortiz has been around the block in the major leagues, so it comes as no suprise that he is headed onto the disabled list with a strained forearm. He’s had issues with the forearm in the past, but those were nerve issues and not a strained forearm.

As for the latest setback, Russ Ortiz had to say:

It’s very discouraging. To have to go in for another MRI when I feel like I just had one is very frustrating. I was feeling really good. … This is the second time I’ve had an issue this year when everything seems to be going the right way. I had to be on the DL twice, that’s the frustrating part.