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I hurt my back playing tennis what happened – Roger Federer

You know when it happens. You’re serving and you feel something .. .a twinge, a pull or goodness help you, a pop. Something has happened with your back and you’re not quite sure what has happened.

Tennis is a very safe sport, but most of the injuries are soft tissue ones. Very few broken bones occur in tennis when compared to other sports, but soft tissue injuries happen with regularity. The back is a prime location for the injuries to happen due to the stress placed on it while serving.

Federer knows about injury and experienced one in the round of 16 during Wimbeldon 2012. As he said:

What is back stabilization surgery and rehab Johnny Knox

Johnny Knox is a wide receiver for the Chicago Bears. His career is off to a good start, but he suffered a horrific injury last year. Playing against the Seattle Seahawks he was bent backwards.


It is amazing he’s still alive and can walk. Word comes that he will play in the 2012 season after vertebrae stabilization surgery. For reference, here is the video of his injury:

The news report quotes him as saying:

No, for me I’m just taking it day by day. No rush. Like I’ve said, rehab is going well. I’m not trying to rush things and mess things up any worse, so I’m just taking it day by day.

Can you play baseball with a back strain – Ryan Hanigan

Ryan Hanigan is a catcher for the Cincinnati Reds. His playing time is shared with another catcher, but that doesn’t prevent the normal injuries that occur.

Recently, Ryan strained his back and it led to missing a game here and there. As he said at the time:

We’re doing what we can to let it calm down. It’s spasming. I could play if I had to. We’re letting it cool down because it hasn’t been getting better.

Back strains are something that are very touchy, because they can indicate a more serious issue or be a minor annoyance. It’s hard to tell when it happens, so Ryan’s strategy of letting it calm down is actually the right play.

How is your back used in a baseball swing – Hanley Ramirez

how-is-your-back-used-in-a-baseball-swing-hanley-ramirez-photoHanley Ramirez is going to the disabled list with a back injury. Although we’ve covered back injuries before, I thought it would be cool to look at how the back is used when you swing a baseball bat.

Hanley is having an awful year at the plate, so it is interesting that the back can play such a pivotal role in swinging  a bat.

There is a great degree of physics and physiology that goes into the batting swing, but we’re going to look at what specifically happens to a person’s back when they swing the bat.

Fixing a stress fracture of the back David Wright

fixing-a-stress-fracture-of-the-back-david-wright-photoHoly crud, is there anything more concerning that having a doctor tell you, “You have a back fracture?”

Well, that is what happened to David Wright. He’s been playing with a stress fracture in his back since April 19th. On that day he made a diving tag of Carlos Lee at third base. Who knew. Nothing from the game summary says anything about a potential injury.

Although Wright has played with pain this season, he was still floored when the diagnosis came:

I was preparing for Josh Johnson and the Florida Marlins tonight. Shocked is a good word for it.

He’s been a very durable player through the years playing in over 88% of the total games.