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What is the difference betweem achilles tendonitis and tendinosis – David Ortiz

In the past we’ve discussed the achilles tendon and the various problems with it such as achilles tendon tear treatments. I learned something today while looking up David Ortiz’s latest injury, which is achilles tendon based. I say based since there was confusion as to what the specific injury was at the time. A second opinion agreed with the first that it wasn’t torn.

This is a good thing for Ortiz and a bad thing for the Red Sox. Ortiz won’t have a horrendous road back like Ryan Howard did after his tear, but the Red Sox lose Ortiz for 15 days.

What caught my eye in the report was this from manager, Bobby Valentine:

He has a right strained heel, Achilles’ attachment type thing. It’s something he’s had before.

Buffalo Bills: Takeo Spikes – Torn Achilles Tendon

Buffalo Bills linebacker Takeo Spikes has been put on the shelf for the rest of the 2005 NFL season with a torn right achilles tendon, suffered in the Sunday, September 25th week 3 game against the Houston Texans.

In his seven-plus NFL season, Spikes has not yet missed a game due to injury.

Spikes was hurt in the second quarter while pressuring quarterback Michael Vick. It’s unclear what happened on the play, but Spikes was left lying face down on the field a few feet in front of Vick, who had overthrown receiver Roddy White.

“It’s a big blow for our defense,” Bills linebacker London Fletcher said Monday. “However, we will still play football on Sunday. Injuries happen all the time. We’ve got some other guys that have to take up the slack.”

How to treat heel pain with surgery

Heel pain, ugh.

I have suffered from this twice in two years while playing tennis and it isn’t fun. Well, any injury isn’t fun, but the problem with heel pain is that it affects almost everything you do.

There are four top reasons for heel pain:

  1. Heel bruise – Any tendon, ligament or muscle damage in the heel area.
  2. Plantar fasciitis – Overuse injury with chronic inflammation.
  3. Achilles tendon tear – Tendon torn and needs to be fixed.
  4. Heel spur – Calcification of the bony part of the foot.

My injuries have been a heel bruise and plantar fasciitis and recovery was slow, but manageable through rest, massage and stretching. Some people aren’t that lucky, though.

How to pass a medical clearance – Kamau Peterson

how-to-pass-a-medical-clearance-kamau-peterson-photoKamau Peterson is a wide receiver for the BC Lions, well might be a wide receiver for them. His career with the Edmonton Eskimos over, he signed on with the Lions, but he has to achieve medical clearance.

This step is due to the fact that he suffered from an achilles injury that caused him to miss 11 weeks.

All professional leagues have procedures they go through when a player joins the team. The medical clearance process ensures the following:

  • The athlete is in good health.
  • Fitness levels are within expectations.
  • Specific concerns are reviewed.
  • Previous injuries have healed.

In Peterson’s case the Lions will be looking at his prior achilles injury and also his fitness level due to his time away from the game.

Tiger Woods Injury History

Tiger-Woods-Injury-History-PhotoThe Associated Press put together a list of his injuries throughout his playing career. I thought it would be fun to:

1) See if they were right.

2) See if I could find articles on all of them.

It turns out they were right for the most part. I couldn’t find documentation on one of the injuries.

  1. April 2011 – Sprain of medial collateral ligaments in left knee and minor strain of his left achilles.

    “I personally contacted tournament officials and expressed my regret in not being able to play. This is an outstanding event, but I must follow doctors’ orders to get better.

  2. December 2010 – Right ankle necessitates cortisone shot.

How to treat a strained right flexor pronator tendon Jose Contreras

How-treat-right-flexor-pronator-tendon-Jose-Contreras-photoJose Contreras is a pitcher I enjoy watching. He has a spirit for the game that few major leaguers seem to have this day. He’s had his ups and down, but he’s bounced back.

Beginning his MLB career as a starting pitcher, he’s ended up as a reliever in Philadelphia and is doing a good job. It is too bad he’s suffered an injury to derail his relief efforts.The injury has popped him onto the disabled list for 15 days.

Jose is suffering from a, now brace yourself, strained right flexor pronator tendon. Yeah, it’s a fancy way of saying a forearm problem.

The pronator tendon pronates the palm. Love that circular definition right? It is responsible for turning the palm down, which, as you can imagine, is important for pitching.

Preventing Tennis Injuries


preventing tennis injuries photosTennis is an accommodating sport that invites less athletic folks to play for recreation. The problem is these folks might think they are the next Venus or Rafael. 

The following are the most common tennis injuries and how to prevent them:

Achilles sprain or tear: This is the killer when it comes to tennis. The achilles serves as your leg’s hinge to the foot, so it is used in every motion of running and stopping on the tennis court. You should always stretch your achilles prior to playing and ensure that your stops on the tennis court allow you to complete moving. Try not to land on a hop skip.

How to treat foot bone spurs – Liu Xiang

The hurdler Liu Xiang is probably the second most famous athlete from China outside of Yao Ming. It was crushing to the Chinese when Liu Xiang had to pull out of the hurdles in the Olympics, an even he holds the world record in. At the time it was reported he had a tendon injury, but it’s now specified. It turns out he had bone spurs between his Achilles tendon and foot bone. Ouch.

A hurdler puts a huge amount of stress on the legs, especially the feet. The feet are used to push over the next hurdle and to cushion the landing. A bone spur causes issues due to the pain and tenderness they cause.

NFL Injury Report – Week 5 – 2007

Arizona Cardinals
Anquan Boldin WR Doubtful Hip
Levi Brown T Doubtful Ankle

Atlanta Falcons
Jonathan Babineaux DT Out Knee
Dwayne Blakley TE Out Pectoral
Rod Coleman DT Out Knee

Baltimore Ravens
Trevor Pryce DE Out Wrist
Samari Rolle CB Out Illness
Mark Clayton WR Questionable Calf
Jonathan Ogden T Questionable Toe
Daniel Wilcox TE Questionable Ankle
Demetrius Williams WR Questionable Heel

Buffalo Bills
Ryan Denney DE Out Foot
Keith Ellison LB Out Ankle
J.P. Losman QB Out Knee
Coy Wire S Out Knee

Carolina Panthers
Jake Delhomme QB Doubtful Right elbow
Adam Seward LB Questionable Calf

Chicago Bears
Nathan Vasher CB Doubtful Groin
Adam Archuleta S Questionable Hand
Lance Briggs LB Questionable Hamstring
Ruben Brown G Questionable Ankle
Tommie Harris DT Questionable Knee
Fred Miller T Questionable Knee
Charles Tillman CB Questionable Ankle