Why do football players get out of shape – Jonathan Dwyer

Jonathan Dwyer was one of those college players that was slotted to go high in the draft, but fell a few rounds. By a few I mean five.

When he was drafted many fans were excited for the Steelers:

As far as I am concerned this guy could be a steal in this draft. He is big and decently fast and is a North/South runner who could be Steelers Goalline back from day 1.. I am a Tar-Heels college football fan and I am glad to see this guy gone from GA Tech. He is or was a Beast to all ACC teams. I heard a interview with him on Sirius Radio this past week and he seems like a very hard working kid that Gil Brandt absolutely loves . . and that’s pretty good from a guy like Brandt to like ya.

All this promise hasn’t seen the light of a day for a few reasons, mainly Dwyer’s inability to stay in shape and show a commitment to the game. During training camp last year it was said of him:

I’ve heard that he looks like his off-season workout consisted of eating donuts and drinking beer.  Moreover, I’ve heard that he doesn’t look like he’s giving a solid effort in camp.  I liked what Dwyer showed in preseason last year, but there’s no excuse for being out of shape.  Unless something changes, Dwyer’s days are likely numbered.


This year, Dwyer is claiming he is a new man with a new focus by attending the Pete Bommarito Performance Systems. It is a training center used by many NFL hopefuls and players. Dwyer says:

I am just realizing how much it takes to get where you are in this league and how hard you have to work and push yourself. This is my year to prove something to myself, the league, to the organization, that I am worth more than what I was.

Better late than never.

How Jonathan Dwyer can loose weight photoHow do NFL players get out of shape

Just like you and I do. Laziness, eating too much and not working out. There is no magic reason except they don’t expend as many calories as they take in … just like you or I. NFL players have many reasons to stay in shape including:

  • Money
  • Playing time
  • Reputation

Still, many of them simply wander off and don’t continue the focus.

Why do football players get out of shape - Jonathan Dwyer photo

Why do NFL players get out of shape

Excellent question. Human nature is a hard thing to figure out, but it’s most likely due to the fact Dwyer is in a comfortable place. Most NFL players will attain a certain level or progression and plateau. It takes a special player to rise above this whether they have natural gifts or an unnatural drive.

More than likely Dwyer just finds the effort required to move onto the next station of his career isn’t worth the effort.


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