Treat pulled adductor muscle strain – CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia isn’t known for his physical conditioning. His official weight is listed at 290 pounds, but he probably tips the scales higher than that. He is now on the disabled list due to a adductor muscle strain.

What is the adductor muscle

The adductor muscle is a set of muscles in your inner thigh that control your ability to squeeze your legs together. They’re involved in your hip movement, too. Part of the muscle group reaches down into your knee.

How do you hurt your adductor muscle

Commonly you pull your adductor by over stretching your legs. You can also put considerable strain on them if you push off against a great weight or force while beginning to move. The pain is felt in the groin region and sometimes extends into the upper hips during twists and motion.

This is a good video showing the movement of the muscle:

How long will it take to recover from an adductor muscle pull

It doesn’t take too long, but it depends on the grade of the pull or strain. Simple pulls you can just work through. More complex pulls will put you out of commission for a few weeks. During your downtime it is important to:

  • Move – Don’t stop moving. The muscles need to be maintained, so keep moving around gingerly. Don’t work out or go full mac, though.
  • Massage – Massage increases the bloodflow to the affected area, so the adductor can get back into business quickly. Opt for a more gentle massage.
  • Rest -Yep, lay off the hard work and give your body a chance to heal.
The most important thing about recovery is to not overwork the muscle, because you can risk further damage.

CC Injury Video

Here is CC talking about his injury:


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