How long to heal a scratched retina – Tony Parker

I’ll never understand professional athletes. Tony Parker plays basketball for the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs. He was involved in a nightclub altercation, which looked more like a fight on an epic scale. No one knows what happened, nor does it seem anyone really cares.

The problem, now? Tony Parker is hurt, supposedly. He’s filed suit against the nightclub¬†alleging¬†he suffered a scratched retina.

What is a scracthed retina

Yeah, I don’t know, either. I know a retina is like a screen that your eye projects images onto. The retina then fires off chemicals to create the images your mind sees. Pretty cool. The problem is that it really doesn’t get scratched. Look at the bad boy:

How long to heal a scratched retina - Tony Parker Photo

You have to dig to get it. More than likely it is a scratched cornea affecting the retina.

Treating a scratched eye

Scratched eyes are no fun to deal with and can lead to significant injury down the road. You should always get a professional opinion for any eye injury that is causing you concern.

Seriously, look at this:

Mr. Lawyer didn’t convince you? How about some actual retinal surgery:

Seriously, see someone …

If you have an eye injury that concerns you, see someone. There is always an element of eye damage the longer you wait, so don’t try to heal your own “scratched retina” or whatever Tony Parker’s lawyers are calling it.

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  1. Eye injuries are very serious and should never be delayed. My friend had a cornea abrasion when he wore contact lenses to sleep in the long run and had to undergo surgery immediately when he visited the doctor. You should always opt to visit a major and reputable hospitable immediately should something critical like this ever happen, as the chances of losing your vision soars every second you leave it untreated.

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