How do you use your groin in basketball – Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins is one tough dude. His career has spanned three teams, but he has very rarely missed significant time due to injury. He is a calming influence on the Oklahoma City Thunder bench and provides leadership the younger team needs.

News reports came out after the 2012 NBA Championship that he had played with a torn groin during the finals. Ouch.

How do you use your groin in basketball - Kendrick Perkins Photo

We’ve covered how to treat a pulled groin and the facts remain the same. The groin is where your torso meets your legs and serves a very important purpose for mobility and activity.

In basketball, the groin is relied on for:

  • Jumping
  • Running
  • Stopping
  • Cutting
  • Lateral movement
  • Shooting

Pretty much everything.

If you hurt your groin as a basketball player it impacts all aspects of your game. In the past he’s said of injuries:

I can’t play, not until probably after this week. It feels good, but they just want me to wait and let it heal. It’s tough, but it happens. It’s just something you’ve got to deal with.

In this case he manned up and tried to deliver for his team.

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  1. I never knew that the groin is so heavily relied on in basketball. I frequently play basketball with my friends, and sometimes I can feel slight soreness around the groin area, but I never really understood how it develops. Sometimes I’m a little too tense with my motions too, which I believe contributes to the minor strains.

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