Did Chris Bosh make the right decision on Olympics

Chris Bosh has chosen to skip the Olympics due to the lingering effects of his abdominal issue during the NBA playoffs. The playoff run took everything out of him and he delivered when it counted.

Chris said the following about the run:

 … that was everything to me. It was just erasing all those memories, getting that bad taste out of my mouth. I live with that every time I walk down the hall. I forgot cameras were there last year, but whatever.

But I think it was good for me in the long run because I could watch every single day what we had to go through and what I had to go through. So any time that I was thinking about just taking a play off or taking some time off or not working that day, doing the easy thing, I thought about that moment.

Every loose ball that was around this year and this postseason, I thought about that moment, and that helped me build my will, and it helped me get to this point.


Olympic Decision

Did Chris Bosh make the right decision on Olympics photoOver the weekend, Chris released a statement through his agent saying that he wouldn’t be playing in the 2012 Olympics. The decision was a surprise given that his teammate Dwane Wade pulled out due to knee surgery.

Right Decision?

So, was the it the right decision to pull out of the 2012 Olympics? Many players would argue you need to go represent your country and show the national pride. That angle is played out, though. These are professionals with money making careers.

Yes, he made the right decision for the following reasons:

  1. He had a medal – His 2008 Olympic play won a gold medal for the United States, so he has represented his country and performed well.
  2. He is aging – At 28 Chris Bosh is growing old in NBA terms. He has to ensure his career can continue and that his primary playing responsibility is unaffected.
  3. He is hurt – His abdominal injury was a major tear and he rushed back to play in the finals. Given his age and the demand of him on the Heat, he needs to sit down.

Bosh’s decision won’t impact team USA as much as it will the Heat. The Heat will have a rested, healed Bosh back for the 2013 season.

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