Why is Yao Ming always hurt

why is yao ming always hurtYao Ming is in the news again. Poor guy. He seems to always be hurt. This time it’s a lingering foot issue. We’ve covered his foot bone spurs and his foot infection before. It seems a remarkable run of injuries for the man that was once the future of the NBA.

While Yao claims to want to come back and play for the Houston Rockets, his history of being injured is a major roadblock to his goal. The team has to make plans without him and even when he is ready, they will be very cautious of bringing him in full time.

From the years 2005 through 2010 he’s missed considerable time:

2005 – Out 21 games.

2006 – Out 34 games.

2007 – Missed the playoffs.

2008 – Missed four months.

2009 – Missed entire season.

2010 – Missed half the season.

With a run like that can you blame the Houston Rockets for wanting to be cautious?

It seems like Yao never fully heals from foot problems. Could it be equipment related? Treatment related?

Regardless, Yao seems to have the time to attend car shows. Too funny thinking about him squeezing into a sports car.

Here is Yao in better days:




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