What are common shoulder injuries in baseball Scott Rolen

Baseball brings to the table the most shoulder injuries that any other sport. Pitching a baseball is not a natural movement for humans, so there is an opportunity for damage. Scott Rolen is the poster boy for miscellaneous shoulder injuries. He’s been sent to the disabled list due to a lingering shoulder issue.

As Scott said:

I think that’s the best course. Let everything calm itself down. Let the medicine get in there and work. I’ve got the neck, the upper back and trap, the things that go along with it. The shoulder causes all the things.

Scott is right on with his line of thinking.

The shoulder is a dynamic joint that affects many of the plays, motions and performances on a baseball field. While Scott tried to play through the injury by taking a couple of cortisone shots, he made the right decision to shut it down for now.


Here are the top four shoulder related injuries in baseball:

1) Rotator cuff tendinitis – This occurs when the shoulder tendons became inflamed through grating or suffering abrasion in the joint itself. This can lead to internal swelling and pain.

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2) Rotator cuff tear – Oh, this is the big one. A rotator cuff tear means you will not be able to play at all.

3) Shoulder impingement – Shoulder impingement happens when the tendons in your shoulder compress the rotator cuff.

4) Shoulder subluxation – It’s over Turn off the lights. Your shoulder has now popped out of the socket and found a way back, but you’re hurt.

The shoulder is a marvelous joint, but proper care has to be taken when playing baseball.

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