Tiger Woods won’t win another major ever

Tiger-Woods-wont-win-another-major-ever-photoNews broke that Tiger Woods withdrew from The Players Championship. When I read the details I knew at that point that Tiger Woods would never win another major championship. Tiger is just like a bull rider that has been thrown once too many times, but in the case of Tiger, the bull is running him over in the car.

Now, why would I make such an outlandish prediction?

His injury history. As I detailed earlier, Tiger has experienced a great deal of injuries in his career. Injuries that might have forced other players out of the game. Since 2007 Tiger’s injuries have become more frequent and lingered longer than expected.

He’s old. Tiger was really the first modern golfer to bring scientific exercise, workouts and recovery processes to golf. The constant working out, lifting of weights can take a toll on someone, especially someone in their mid-30s. It isn’t an impossible proposition, but the older Tiger gets, the less he can rely on his physical skill alone.

He’s lost his anchor.Many will argue this fact, but studies have shown that divorced athletes suffer a diminished performance level. Tiger’s split wasn’t just a divorce, but a public spectacle that everyone could witness.

There is no challenge. Let’s face it. How do you keep yourself challenged when you have achieved pretty much every professional goal available to you? It is very hard to get that motivation, especially if you don’t have others in your life to help you.

The young ones are coming. Oh, man. Once there was Tiger Woods and everyone else. Now, younger players are becoming the new Tiger Woods. They’ve adopted many of the training and playing disciplines Woods brought to the game. Equipped as well as Woods to deal with anything on the course, they are beginning to stake their claim to the majors.

Tiger’s time in the sun has set. The personal issues just pushed him closer to the horizon.

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