Strained triceps treatment – Skip Schumaker

Strained-triceps-treatment-Skip-Schumaker-photo2This is sort of an odd thing concerning Skip Schumaker. On April 19, 2011, the report came out that he had injured his biceps. MSNBC reported:

“St. Louis placed starting second baseman Skip Schumaker on the disabled list with a strained right biceps that he suffered Friday…”

Nothing odd about that, but now that a couple of weeks have passed, the injury has turned into a triceps injury. According to the Post Dispatch:

Cardinals second baseman Skip Schumaker, out with a right triceps injury and some ligament issues near his elbow, was taking ground balls Monday night after receiving a cortisone shot in his elbow Friday.

So, the injury moves from his biceps to his triceps and introduces some ligament tearing. Awesome for Skip. Well, not really.

What is the triceps? The triceps is the muscle on the back of your upper arm. When you hold your arms up and flex the muscle you see pop on top is bicep. The one on the bottom is the triceps. It is responsible for extending your arm and engaging your elbow. This is why it makes sense Skip suffered some ligament damage.

What is the most common triceps injury? A strained triceps is the most common injury. This happens most of the time by over extending the arm or pushing the arm forward without a significant weight in the hand. Causing undue force on the elbow, the triceps will snap back and cause the strain.

How do you treat a strained triceps? Ice, rest and massage. You can feel the beginning of a strained triceps if you have never done a triceps extension. If you do a couple of sets of these you will feel the beginning of a triceps strain. In Skip’s case, it sounds like he tore ligaments, which sucks.

How long does it take to come back from a triceps injury? No time at all. Less than a week in most cases if you rest, ice it in the beginning and massage throughout.

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