Preventing Tennis Injuries


preventing tennis injuries photosTennis is an accommodating sport that invites less athletic folks to play for recreation. The problem is these folks might think they are the next Venus or Rafael. 

The following are the most common tennis injuries and how to prevent them:

Achilles sprain or tear: This is the killer when it comes to tennis. The achilles serves as your leg’s hinge to the foot, so it is used in every motion of running and stopping on the tennis court. You should always stretch your achilles prior to playing and ensure that your stops on the tennis court allow you to complete moving. Try not to land on a hop skip.

Shoulder sprain: The shoulder is an amazing body part, but if you get the idea you’re going to hit a 150mph serve you can find yourself in pain quickly. Those that play a ton of tennis know you need to use your wrist when serving without relying on the shoulder. Don’t over force the shoulder and remember to follow through on serves. An abrupt end of your motion exerts additional force on your shoulder.

Hamstring pulls: The hamstring powers your legs on the tennis court, so it is important you understand most hamstring injuries happen as you push off to get a ball. To prevent hamstring injuries, jog lightly before the match and stretch your hamstrings. 

Tennis is a sport anyone can pick up at any age. The USTA and WTT do a wonderful job of ensuring skill levels are appropriately leveled.



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