Preventing Running Injuries


preventing running injuries photoWho doesn’t like to run? Let me rephrase that. Who doesn’t like to jog? It is a great way to work out and you get a nice tour of the local neighborhood or city.

The following are the most common injuries from running:

Dehydration: Many people never notice when dehydration strikes, as it creeps up silently. You can prevent this by hydrating throughout your run. Regardless of your thoughts on the temperature, it doesn’t matter. You can dehydrate on a chilly spring day just like you can on a 99 degree summer day.

Knee pain: Runners can suffer from a myriad of knee problems. There are three great things you can do to prevent this. First, stretch on a regular basis. Second, ensure you have the proper footwear that fits properly. Third, vary your running surfaces.

Shin splints: Oh, man. Shin splints are one of the slowest healing injuries a runner can experience. They are caused by the constant pounding of the legs, improper footwear and unbalanced muscle development. You can prevent shin splints by varying your training methods, ensure you have properly fitted footwear and resistance training of the legs.

Running for sport is a great way to move your body and experience youth all over again. Make sure you don’t overdo it when you come back to the running world.



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