Preventing Golf Injuries


preventing golf injuries photoThe sport that is easy to understand and impossible to master, golf brings its own injuries to the course. The common thought is that golf is a walk interrupted by hitting a ball. True, but in those pauses there is a violent motion of your body. 

The following are the most common golf injuries:

Back pulls: The violent force to swing a golf club might look easy, but it requires over 20 muscles just to pull it off. Most of the action occurs in the back and if you don’t prepare you’ll be in pain. Preparation starts way before the course on back strengthening exercises. YouTube has a ton of examples such as this one. Light stretching of the back prior to getting to the course also helps.

Wrist strains: The wrist is needed to balance your golf swings and plays a pivotal role in controlling your game. You can easily strain a wrist by not following through on a swing, so make sure you always follow through.

Golf cart accidents: Don’t laugh. 1,000 people a month are hurt in golf cart accidents. You can prevent this by not acting like a fool and paying attention to those around you.

At almost any physical shape, you can try out golf to see if it is something that suits you.



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