Preventing biking injuries

preventing biking injuries photoNothing beats biking for a wide range of athletic capabilities. You could be someone just starting a workout routine or someone who participates in triathalons, biking has a little something for everyone. All it requires is a sense of balance and the desire to have some fun.

The following are the most common biking injuries and how to prevent them:

Knee Pain: Knee pain can be caused by many factors, but with biking it is typically caused by improper seat adjustments. Your seat plays a pivotal role in ensuring your comfort, but also injury prevention. If your seat is too high or low you’re asking for knee pain. Make sure your knees extend all the way down through the pedal motion and your hips don’t rock.

Hand and finger numbness: More of a discomfort than an injury, it does mean you’re not riding properly. This is caused by gripping the handlebars too tightly for too long. Loosen up and flex your hands open and closed multiple times. The numbness is caused by over use of the nerves. Ease up or adjust your wrist position.

Chafing: If you’re not used to riding long distances or in the hotter weather, chafing can occur on the inside of your thighs. To prevent chafing add baby powder to your cycling shorts or look into a different seat.

If you take a few extra steps to prevent common bike injuries, your rides will be much more enjoyable.

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