Preventing baseball softball injuries

preventing baseball injuries photosEveryone loves participating in the nation’s past time. While baseball is more competitive, more people participate in softball. Both experience the same injury types.

The following are the most common baseball/softball injuries and how to prevent them:

Head injuries: Always wear a helmet when batting, especially in baseball. When you are on the field pay attention. Most head injuries, outside of batting, happen when a fielder or a runner isn’t following the action on the field.

Ankle sprains: Running bases for those that not used to sprinting, can cause havoc on the ankles leading to pulls or tears of the ankle tendons. It is important to warm up with a light jog prior to playing and to watch how you circle the bases. Don’t run full force and land on the corner of first base, but aim for the base.

Hand and foot blisters: True even if you play many sports, the hand and foot blisters are a common occurrence in baseball/softball. To prevent hand blisters, use a batting glove. To prevent foot blisters ensure you wear socks (some kids don’t) and make sure your shoes are tied tightly.

Remember, the number one rule when playing baseball or softball is to watch the game. Don’t let your attention wander and don’t assume the play is over. Many times injuries occur when not hitting or running, but simply being on the field.

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