Most common wrestling injuries

Most-common-wrestling-injuries-photoWrestling is a very tough sport. You have to have high endurance, great strength and lightning speed.

The NCAA tracked the number and types of injuries in men’s wrestling. They broke out the results into practice and match injuries. I was surprised by the results and I think you might be as well.

Wrestling Practice Injuries

Skin infection – This makes a great deal of sense given the fact that players are constantly on the mats sweating and rubbing up against each other. Still it is surprising it is tracked as an injury. MRSA and staph infections need to be a concern for anyone in an environment like this.

Knee sprain – The vulnerability of the knee is the culprit here. While a great deal of force is used to position yourself, your opponent is trying to destabilize you by taking out your knees.

Ankle sprain – The leverage needed to force your opponent from their position is great. The ankles are your anchors and can be affected by the power. Ankle sprains make perfect sense.

Shoulder strain – This was a little surprising given the amount of power exerted by wrestler’s upper bodies. It also surprising it is so low on the list considering the trauma wrestlers sustain.

Wrestling Match Injuries

Knee sprain – Same as in practice.

Ankle sprain – Same as in practice.

Should strain – Same as in practice.

Concussion – This is probably the most shocking. Concussions can occur, but why more so during matches than practices? Odd. A wrestler suffering a concussion can be affected in many ways including agility and dexterity. Of course, the compounding issue with concussions is that it affects much more than wrestling.

I would have thought neck injuries would have been higher on the list, but they only came in at mid level for practice and near the bottom for matches.


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