Most common rowing injuries and prevention

most-common-rowing-injuries-and-prevention-photoRowing is an intensive sport that relies on a number of physical attributes such as:

  • Arm and chest strength
  • Cardiovascular recovery
  • Leg endurance

Thanks to the folks at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, we have a list of the most common rowing injuries and how to prevent them.

Rib fractures – Fracture of or broken ribs is a condition commonly seen in rowing due to the compression that occurs due to the high frequency. You can prevent the rib fractures by focusing on back and abdominal strengthening exercises.

Wrist inflammation – The wrist is a wonderfully complex joint. Wrist inflammation can be caused by many things, but in rowing it is primarily caused by the motion of oar movement. The society believes this injury occurs more frequently in cold weather, so they suggest ensuring warmth is supplied to the area during exertion.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome – This is a knee complaint that is the most reported injury in sports. The cause is typically a muscle imbalance, so it is important to prevent this through additional strength training and stretching.

Lower back pain -Ugh, the bane of some folks existence is lower back pain. It is typically caused by over use, though the society suggests it could be something more serious such as a disc injury. You can prevent most lower back pain through conditioning of the back muscles and lessening the work length.

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