Interview with Philippi Sports Nutrition

interview-with-philippi-sports-nutrition-photoI have long wondered how performance supplements are designed and how they can prevent injuries. Philippi Sports Nutrition recently released stimulant free supplements, so it seemed a good time to ask a few questions.

Our questions are listed below with Philippi Sports’ answers as they were sent.

1) What is the history of Philippi Sports Nutrition?

After years of competing and training collegiate and professional athletes, legendary strongman Mark Philippi wanted to design supplements that are both safe and effective with substantial amounts of ingredients that are clinically proven to increase strength, endurance and energy. The catch? The products had to boost performance without the use of any central nervous system stimulants that are now very common in sports nutrition supplements.

2) How do you design supplements, specifically, how do you determine ingredients?

Each supplement we create is designed for a specific reason.  All our ingredients are selected and used in the amounts that are proven effective in clinical studies and at the Philippi Sports Institute.  Our pre-workout Power Shot drink is designed to create cellular energy, buffer lactic acid and allow more nutriments to be pumped to the muscle.  This provides endurance, strength, and allows more nutrition to be delivered to the muscle.

3) Why is it important to choose a supplement based on the phases of the workout?

Nutriment timing is very important in sports nutrition.  Taking Power Shot pre-workout creates endurance and strength for the workout.  Recovery Shot is a performance regenerator designed to bring BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), electrolytes, and hydrating opticarbs into the body after the workout to start the recovery process.  Training Armor is specifically designed to lower cortisol levels, decrease the degeneration and absorption of ammonia and promote immune system recovery.  We use antigen infused extract 10, better known as Ai/E10, arabinogalactan, astragalus root and maitake mushroom.

4) How do supplements help avoid injuries?

When the body performs intense training, weightlifting or specific sport performance, many reactions occur in the body besides tissues breakdown in the muscles involved.  Inflammation takes place on many different levels; in the immune system, in ligaments and tendons, in the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenals, and in the central nervous system.  For total recovery to take place, all of these areas have to be assisted through proper diet and/or specific supplementation.  If recovery does not take place, over time exercise-induced stress can lead to a multitude of problems including:  ligament and tendon injuries, immune system suppression and sickness or infection, reduced testosterone levels, and muscle tissue breakdown.

5) How do supplements help recover from injuries?

Supplements aid in helping the body’s soft tissue, connective tissue, nervous system and immune system recover from both injury and exercise-induced stress by supplying specific nutriments to the muscle and connective tissues.  Injuries occur on a lot of different levels; not only muscles, ligaments and tendons, but also the suppressed immune system.  Another is the inflammation that takes place due to exercise-induced stress.  They all must be addressed nutritionally in order for recovery to take place.

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