How unappreciation affects athletes – Ozzie Guillen

Yes, I am aware that unappreciation isn’t really a word … or maybe it is, who knows. What I do know is that Chicago White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen is very unappreciative about his circumstances.

Today we found out that Ozzie Guillen thinks:

  • Most coaches don’t have the passion to be managers.
  • Coffee pots are manufactured to be smashed.
  • In 15 years he will be in a wheelchair.
  • Fans don’t appreciate him.

Odd. You would think that the man whose position is paid for by the people he’s criticizing would be appreciative. You know, there are only 30 of his positions in the whole world, so you would think he’d get with the program. I have no idea why he went off like he did, but he has a history of it.


Unappreciation can build up through an athlete’s career and affects all performance areas.

What can lead to a feeling of underappreciation:

  • Poor performance.
  • Training gains not realized.
  • Team success, but personal failure.
  • Fans not accepting effort versus outcome.
  • Injury leading to time off.
  • Replacement by another player.

Once an athlete loses the feeling of appreciation they can quickly spiral. Ozzie Guillen should step back and take stock of his accomplishments and realize he is privileged to work in the Major Leagues.

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