How to treat a whiny cry baby – Donovan McNabb

how-to-treat-a-whiny-cry-baby-donovan-mcnabb-photoDonovan McNabb is at the end of a long, distinguished career. He’s always been thought of as a teammate, solid guy, but there is a news report that casts a McNabb is a new light and it isn’t flattering. In fact, it makes McNabb come off as a whiny cry baby.

Everyone knows there is no love between Donovan McNabb and Mike Shanahan. On the one side you have McNabb, the veteran quarterback that always seems to come up short. On the other side you have Mike Shanahan, a guaranteed hall of fame coach. Still, the last season meltdown at the end of the year was confusing. You have two professionals obviously not getting along.

The reason came out today. McNabb refused to wear a wrist band with the plays on it.

Really? I have trouble believing this.

Assuming it is the truth, McNabb is a whiny cry baby. Supposedly he didn’t wear it to protect his image. What image? You’re an aging quarterback with declining skills who has never won the big game and was traded for a second round pick to an in-division rival.

Shanahan doesn’t come out of this looking good, either. You’re a coach brought in to manage a team against the overbearing will of an egotistic owner. You gotta find a way to make it work with the cry baby.

Again, if this is actually what happened, McNabb’s days as a starter in the NFL are over. Once you are labelled as someone out for yourself instead of the team, it is all downhill.

Can McNabb turn this around? Sure. Jump out in the public and tell everyone it is a lie. As of now, there is nothing on his blog addressing this.


McNabb in happier times:


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