How to treat a sprained thigh – Sergio Perez

You don’t usually equate sprained thighs with auto racing, but that is what happened to Sergio Perez. Before we get too far along on this, check out the video at the end of the post. Sergio is an F1 racing driver and he lost control during the qualifier for the Monaco Grand Prix.

He’s very lucky to walk away with a concussion and a sprained thigh. Sergio appears to being taken it in stride as he posted to his Twitter account:

Thanks for your support!! In this moment thanks God all ok .. Can’t race tomorrow 🙁 but c u back in Montreal 🙂

About that sprained thigh, what this really means is that he hurt his quadriceps. The quadriceps are a number of muscles running through the thigh that do things such as walking, running and squatting. More than likely Sergio hurt his quadriceps when the trauma of his crash resonated into the cab.

What is a sprained thigh? A sprained thigh occurs when there is tearing of the quadriceps. This can occur due to over use, over extension or in the case of Sergio, trauma.

How do you know you have a sprained thigh? You’ll feel a pain in your thigh, but it will really hurt when you exert yourself through running or squatting. The thigh has a number of muscles, so you need to ensure a doctor tests your thigh to see which muscle is involved. If it is a particularly bad sprain, there will be bruising.


How do you treat a sprained thigh? Rest, ice, compress and elevate. Massage also helps by increasing the blood flow into the involved muscles. Anti-inflammatory medicine such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen will help reduce swelling.

How long does it take to recover from a sprained thigh? Mild strains will take a few days and you could even play on them. In the case of Sergio, I think he’s been held out due to a concussion.

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