How to treat a sprained finger ligament – Alex White

how-to-treat-a-sprained-finger-ligament-alex-white-photoAlex White is a productive, young pitcher, so it was a bummer to the Indians that he has gone on the disabled list. His season has been positive, but he’s stricken with a sprained finger ligament.

The fingers are critical for pitching since they control the spin and rotation of the ball as it is released. The whole pitching motion generates the speed the ball reaches, but the fingers control the movement.

Alex hurt his finger on May 21, 2011, but stayed in the game. It was only after the game that everyone become concerned. An MRI was ordered and the bad new delivered.

White said:

It’s very disappointing. I don’t want to use the word heartbreaking, but it really is. It’s been a long road to get here, and I want to be part of what’s going on here.

Very heartbreaking.

What do the finger ligaments do? The finger ligaments are designed to allow flex and contract motions in the hand. They are the pulleys that make the action happen with the tendons. There are 13 ligaments in each hand.

How do you know if you have a sprained finger ligament? You’ll have pain and soreness, but the best indicator is loss of dexterity in certain fingers. Your grip will be severely impacted, which is why Alex White is going to the disabled list. He can still toss, but cannot manipulate the ball with his fingers.

How do you treat a sprained finger ligament? Rest and massage. The doctor might suggest a brace to make the finger immobile to allow the ligament to heal without strain. Heat and massage help the blood flow leading to an increased healing pace.

Can you play baseball with a sprained finger ligament? Yes, if you’re not a pitcher. Well, you can play, but your ability to grip the ball and bat would be affected.

This is such a frustrating injury for a young pitcher.

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