How to treat a shoulder sprain Andray Blatche?

Andray Blatche Shoulder Strain PhotoAndray Blatche plays basketball for the Washington Wizards. He’s having an ok season statistically, but he’s suffering from a strained shoulder. He did this in a game versus the Milwaukee Bucks.

Shoulder injuries are not that common in the NBA, but Andray’s occurred as he fell to the floor during a double team. His arm became caught and then his shoulder crumpled.

What is a shoulder sprain? A shoulder sprain occurs when any of the ligaments or tendons of the shoulder become damaged. The shoulder is a very flexible, though delicate joint that provides movement for the arm.

What causes a shoulder sprain? Shoulder sprains are due to trauma or inflexibility, but most issues occur when a fall occurs as in this case.

Shoulder Strain SlingHow do you treat a shoulder sprain? There are varying degrees of shoulder sprains, but they all have one thing in common when it comes to treatment: rest, cold and anti-inflammatory medicine such as tylenol or ibuprofen.  What is also helpful is a shoulder sling such as the OTC Shoulder Immobilizer with Sling and Swathe.

How long will you suffer from a shoulder sprain? Most shoulder sprains resolve within four weeks. This includes ensuring the shoulder maintains flexibility and strength through casual and deliberate movement exercise. Massage is also a factor that can help speed up rehab.

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