How to treat a dislocated elbow – Rajon Rondo

How-to-treat-a-dislocated-elbow-Rajon-Rondo-photoRajon Rondo is a big part of the Celtics’ success the last few years. He is a dynamic player that puts it all on the court in an effort to move his team forward. It wasn’t a surprise that he suffered a dislocated elbow while guarding Dwyane Wade.

So, this leads us to a few questions:

What is a dislocated elbow? Your elbow is a joint that attaches three bones: Humerus of upper arm, ulna and radius of the forearm. The elbow joint is held in place by ligaments, tendons and muscles. A dislocated elbow occurs when one of the bones slips out of this joint, more commonly the humerus.

What causes a dislocated elbow? Most causes of elbow dislocation are caused by trauma, especially falling. In Rondo’s case this is what happened. You can also dislocate your elbow through prolonged and excessive twisting of the forearm.

How do you treat a dislocated elbow? Grit your teeth, because this is nasty. If your dislocation is caused by a fracture of the arm bones, you are out luck in the short term. You’ll need a cast, etc. If there is no fracture, here it comes, the bone popped out of the joint can be pushed back into place using what we’ll call gentle persuasion. Actually, it requires a heck of a lot of force.

How could Rondo come back so quickly? Yeah, I cannot answer this one. From what I know, dislocated elbows cause localized swelling and severe pain. The swelling could be mitigated with chilling, but the pain, well, I don’t think you play like Rondo on narcotics.

The video is horrific and will make you wince. The incredible thing … he came back, played and led his team to victory.

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