How to prevent common golf injuries

Golf is a wonderful recreational game that people from many athletic backgrounds can participate in. You don’t have to be a world class athlete, let alone an athlete in general to play golf.

Still, it is a very physically demanding sport if you don’t understand the basics.

The following are the most common golf injuries prevention tips:

Inflexibility – Golf relies on your ability to move, so if you are inflexible you could harm yourself through muscle strains.

Not conditioned – Golf doesn’t require you to be in top top shape, but you should be conditioned enough to be able to walk hills.

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Don’t over do it – You can practice and play golf too much. This leads to overuse issues, which then lead you to hurting yourself. It is a vicious cycle. Take time off, rest.

Poor mechanics – I am the last person in the world to offer advice on mechanics since my swing is just awful, but bad mechanics can lead to many stresses on your frame.

Golf balls – Don’t laugh. Getting plunked in the head is horrible and should be avoided. Still, you need to know it is a risk, so you should always pay attention.

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