How to pass a medical clearance – Kamau Peterson

how-to-pass-a-medical-clearance-kamau-peterson-photoKamau Peterson is a wide receiver for the BC Lions, well might be a wide receiver for them. His career with the Edmonton Eskimos over, he signed on with the Lions, but he has to achieve medical clearance.

This step is due to the fact that he suffered from an achilles injury that caused him to miss 11 weeks.

All professional leagues have procedures they go through when a player joins the team. The medical clearance process ensures the following:

  • The athlete is in good health.
  • Fitness levels are within expectations.
  • Specific concerns are reviewed.
  • Previous injuries have healed.

In Peterson’s case the Lions will be looking at his prior achilles injury and also his fitness level due to his time away from the game.

What is medical clearance? A physical exam reviewing overall health and examining and specific prior injuries. There may also be a fitness component.

How do you know you need to pass medical clearance? Well, you’re a professional athlete about to join a new organization. In each instance the organization will insist on medical clearance.

What happens if you don’t pass medical clearance?It depends. The team might sign you anyway with specific clauses addressing the injuries. Most of the time, though, you won’t be signed.

Here Kamau Peterson works out post achilles injury:

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