How many baseball players will miss 2011 All Star Game

how-many-baseball-players-will-miss-2011-all-star-game-photo16 All Stars will miss the game in total.

2011 has seen a humongous number of all stars falling by the way side during the all star game. Injuries have to do with it, but also arcane rules about pitching.

MLB says that if a pitcher pitches five days prior to the all star game they are ineligible to pitch again.


Here is the complete list of players missing and the reasons why:

  1. Placido Polanco – Toe injury.
  2. David Price – Pitched prior five days.
  3. Derek Jeter – Emotionally exhausted.
  4. Alex Rodriguez – Knee surgery.
  5. Mariano Rivera – Right triceps injury.
  6. CC Sabathia – Pitched prior five days.
  7. James Shields – Pitched prior five days.
  8. Justin Verlander – Pitched prior five days.
  9. Felix Hernandez – Pitched prior five days.
  10. Cole Hamels – Pitched prior five days.
  11. Matt Cain – Pitched prior five days.
  12. Jon Lester – Back injury.
  13. Chipper Jones – Knee injury.
  14. Jose Reyes – Hamstring.
  15. Ryan Braun – Fatigue
  16. Aramis Ramirez – Declined.

It’ll be an interesting game to see how the players react to the exposure considering some of them shouldn’t be there.



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