How long to recover from a broken thumb – Shin-Soo Choo

Six weeks is how long it usually takes. Read on for the details.

Shinn-Soo Choo. Man, I love that name. He’s had a very rough year, though. Busted for DUI earlier this year, his stats have plummeted. From South Korea, he’s considered a power hitter with slugging capability, but he hasn’t hit his mark.

In a game against the San Francisco Giants he broke his thumb in the fourth inning when hit by a pitch.

The Cleveland Indians manager, Manny Acta, said:

Losing Choo is a big blow for us. He means so much to us not only offensively, but defensively and running the bases. He’s a very important part of our lineup. Especially the way he was coming on with the bat the last couple of weeks.

Yeah, the whole base running thing. You know you’re having a bad year as a slugger when your manager touts that ability.

How does a broken thumb affect baseball players? The thumb is used for throwing the baseball, gripping the baseball bat and collapsing the glove to catch, so your entire game will be affected. Most importantly, any attempt to play will cause further injury or reduce the amount of healing your body can produce.


How long does it take for a broken thumb to heal? It takes about six weeks for the bones to heal and muscle strength to return. The important thing, super critical here, is that you follow the rehab directives your doctor prescribes.

How do you rehab a broken thumb? Speaking of rehab, your prescription will probably include working the ligament around the thumb and the hand. Your physical therapist will ensure proper blood flow is returning.

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