How long for a broken hand to heal – David Freese

Is there a more snake bit player in the major leagues than David Freese? Seriously. He missed last year due to ankle injuries and now he has a broken hand.

He’s a Cardinal and from the local St. Louis area, so you always want the home guys to do well. It just makes it even worse when they seem to be broken all the time.

He seems a little bitter according to the Post Dispatch:

Ninety-five on the hand. Flip a coin. Is it going to break or not? It’s disappointing. It’s pretty simple. … I broke my hand. I’m going to get healthy and get back out there.

You’d be a littler bitter, too, if your breakout season is delayed while your hand heals. Regardless of who the Cardinals use in Freese’s spot, they’ll be missing:

  • Hits
  • RBIs
  • Fielding

We’ve spoken about broken hand before, so the real question should be how long till it heals?


It depends, as always. There are four types of broken hands:

  • Scaphoid – More like the wrist and takes at least a month.
  • Rolando – Takes the longest time to heal, which could be 6 months.
  • Bennett’s – Most common and easiest to fix with less than a month to come back.
  • Boxer’s – Most common in baseball due to trauma to hands. Your fingers actually crack apart. Freese probably has this and will be out for three months.

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