Heal fast from foot surgery – Rodrigue Beaubois

heal-fast-from-foot-surgery-rodrigue-beaubois-photoFoot surgery is never an easy thing, but there a number of tips you can do to make the healing process faster. The quicker you heal, the quicker you get back to playing.

Rodrigue Beaubois should listen. He’s now had two foot surgeries in under a year and it’s not looking good nowadays. Back in April, when the Mavericks started the playoffs, there was no guarantee he would play:

Coach Rick Carlisle declined to give an update on Rodrigue Beaubois’ sprained left foot, saying the Mavs will see how the young guard feels tomorrow before determining his status for Game 2.

The second surgery happened this week. Here is the original report in french.

Foot surgery isn’t fun, but here are some guidelines to bouncing back quickly:

Report issues – Be sure to contact your doctor if things such as fever, swelling or heavy drainage occur. You want to be sure that additional complications do not arise.

Monitor circulation – Your foot needs blood to heal properly, so if your foot begins to feel cold, changes colors or tingles it could be a sign of circulatory problems. Call your doctor.

Medicine – Ensure you take the medicine the doctor prescribes, especially antibiotics. Infection can delay recovery.

Elevation – The foot should be elevated per your doctor’s instructions. Make sure you alternate based on the scheduled given.

DO NOT START PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – Yes, we all know you want to get back onto the court or field, but stop. Just stop. Your doctor will tell you when you are ready to begin a rehab schedule. When you get the all clear push it hard.

So, to heal quicker listen to your doctor, monitor your foot and stay off the foot until your doctor gives you the ok.

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