Gun shots, football and recovery – Brandon Wimberly

Brandon Wimberly is a wide receiver for the Nevada Wolfpack. He was involved in an altercation that led to gun violence and he ended up wounded in the abdomen.

This week it was reported that his football career is probably over.

His coach, Chris Ault, said:

We’re with you. Let’s get you healthy. Our entire concern right now is his health. This is a serious, serious injury.

Gunshot wounds are insidious for the following reasons:

1) They cause massive internal trauma.

2) Bullets can fracture bones causing even further damage.

3) Sometimes they lead to infection.

Can you bounce back and play football after a gunshot wound? Sure, but like with all injuries, it depends. In the case of Wimberly he was shot in the abdomen and his coach said:

It’s an extensive injury. Another centimeter and the doctor said he might not have made it to the hospital.


Everyone thinks this might be an injury that ends Brandon’s career. Will it? I think it depends on several things:

1) How bad is the internal damage?

2) Was there any spinal involvement?

3) What is his motivational level?

I wish Brandon Wimberly all the luck in the world if he attempts to come back.

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