Fixing wrist pain Mark DeRosa

I’ve never liked Mark DeRosa as a baseball player. He always seemed so, well, petite to play the sport properly. I know, this is unfair, but it is how I feel.

He’s been bitten by the injury bug with a bad wrist and now he’s headed to the disabled list due to inflammation in his wrist, specifically the cartilage. The inflammation might be related to season ending wrist surgery he had last year.

As Mark puts it:

It’s had its good days and bad days since the start of spring. The thing I’m looking for is not to have so many everyday flips of the coin, like it’s going to be a good day or a bad day. I’m looking for a little bit more consistency. No one’s more frustrated than me.

I can understand the frustration of not knowing whether a body part will function as expected or not.


How do you fix wrist pain? It depends on the cause, but here are three ways to fix the wrist pain you might have. Now, if your wrist is broken, you’re out of luck. These tips only apply to non-broken wrists.

Ice: Ice is a marvelous way to reduce swelling in the wrist and also take away some of the pain. If you suspect a strain or sprain of the forearm or wrist, start with ice. Ice allows your body to get an ally in the battle against inflammation.

Natural flexing: This is a hard on to describe, but let your wrist and hand fall into a natural posture. Let all the tension out of your arm, forearm, wrist and hand. What you’ll see is your fingers make an arc shape and your wrist will go limper than it was prior. This is a natural state for your wrist and will reduce any pressure pushing against nerves.

Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen: These anti inflammatory drugs will reduce pain, but also reduce swelling. This increases blood flow to your wrists.

Sometimes your wrist pain could be nerve related, which means you need to see a  professional for proper diagnosis.

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