Why do football players get MRSA staph infections – Kellen Winslow

We’ve coveredĀ how to treat MRSA staph infections in the past, but this time it’s come to light that Kellen Winslow suffered from a staph infection the last couple of weeks. HisĀ announcement caused shock in the Cleveland Browns organization. It seems they were attempting to cover up his staph infection.

Kellen went on to explain it was a lack of communication from the organization about the issue that really concerned him:

There’s obviously a problem it and we have to fix it. Just look at the history around here. It’s unfortunate, because it happens time and time again.

It turns out the Browns have had seven staph infections in the last four years. It’s curious they keep getting reinfected. When someone is diagnosed with an MRSA staph infection they remain carriers for months or even years after they have been successfully treated. It could be that this is a revolving door at the Browns facility.

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Why are football players at such a high risk for contracting MRSA?

  1. Open wounds: The staph infection needs a way to get into your body. Football players constantly have abrasion injuries that are open invitations for infection, so it’s not a stretch to imagine the infection making its way into the player’s body. You can cover wounds, but again, most abrasions aren’t covered.
  2. Close contact: Football is a game where the players are very close and touching each other, play in and play out. Because MRSA is a bacteria that is transmitted through contact, this is a great way for the infection to make its way from one player to another.
  3. Sharing of hygiene items: This is a minor point, but one that should also be addressed. Sharing towels, shaving accessories and even flip flops can increase the chance of getting MRSA from an active carrier.
  4. Common areas: This is probably the biggest area of infection for football players. From the practice equipment to artificial turf, the players all share the same areas and equipment. This allows an especially hardy strain of MRSA to hang on and spread itself around.

While many consider Winslow to be a blowhard and overrated, you cannot ignore his focus on this issue. The Cleveland Browns have a problem with superbugs and they need to take care of them.

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