Where to find great sports surgery videos

If you’re like me you like to know all the details behind what is being done medically to you. It’s important to know the ins and outs of your sports injury treatment, because up to 25% of lingering issues are caused by patient inattentiveness to procedures and actions.

Past this, I love learning. I love being able to watch people explain what they do, why they do it and how it all ties together. To this end I’ve found watching procedures related to sports injuries fascinating.

The first place to look for procedure or surgery videos is, you guess it, You Tube.

You’re not going to find the best quality videos on You Tube nor will you find the most informative. The benefits of using You Tube are that the videos are embeddable and they tend to be shorter.

Here is an example of a knee replacement surgery:

The best place to look online for sports injury procedure and surgery videos is Or-Live. They are independent film making group that morphed themselves into video production of medical procedures. The videos are used as teaching and marketing materials for doctors and hospitals. It’s fascinating.

There are a couple of issues with the site, though. The videos are in RealPlayer, which means it’s necessary to have the Real plugin for your browser. The second, and the most critical, is that the videos are not embeddable. You have to go to their site to view the videos.

Here is an example of their knee replacement video.  Stunning.

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By far, though, the best reason to use Or-Live is to participate in the webcasts. From time to time they’ll have live procedures where you are encouraged to ask questions while it happens.

You have two extremes available to you. You Tube offers shorter videos that can be embedded, while Or-Live offers professionally produced, full length videos you view on their site.

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