What are common injuries from baseball fights

Wow. The Red Sox and Rays really don’t like each other. In the amazing fight from yesterday you can see that the Red Sox don’t like an upstart team like the Rays getting the limelight. Seriously, the fight was one for the record books. Take a gander.

Someone at the game captured it on video:

Pretty cool, eh?

Luckily, most fights are stopped before the get too serious, but here are the top injuries that come from baseball fights:

  1. Boken Jaw
  2. Broken Nose
  3. Concussion
  4. Torn Tendons
  5. Abrasions
  6. Bruised Egos
  7. Embarrassment

Oh, yeah, egos and embarassment are huge injuries to majorr league basbeball players. Can you imagine what Coco Crisp feels like today?

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